Wednesday, January 31, 2007

EZ Knitting Workshop

Seriously folks, if you are a knitter and love Elizabeth Zimmermann (and what knitter doesn't), you need to get Knitting Workshop. Both the book and the DVD. You can get the set from Schoolhouse Press or buy them individually from a number of different places. The video is a 6 hour course in knitting. Filmed in the 80's for PBS, each 1/2 hour segment builds on the last, taking you from the most basics all the way to the most difficult tasks. It's very homey feeling (much like Knitter's Glossary) I think both may have actually been filmed at EZ's home. The cat even gets into the act from time to time! The video does move really fast, so I think the book is quite necessary if you actually intend to make anything demonstrated. The I'm only about 2 1/2 hours in and I'm already obsessing about knitting a yoke sweater. I have several different yarn combinations in mind but am waiting until after I go to the yarn shop this weekend to see if I can find something there before ordering online. I'm thinking of using the Supermerino I just got for the interior of the Hawser pattern on the yoke. I love the idea of using a variegated yarn inside a charted design, makes it look way more complicated. Plus, I only have 2 skeins of it, not really enough to do much else with. Once I find some coordinating yarn, I want to swatch the chart and see if it looks as good as I think it will.

In other news...Christine at Pointy Sticks is celebrating her Podcastiversary! I've listened to her podcast from the start and it's one of the few I've stayed subscribed to. Her theme song rocks, she actually talks about knitting and podcasts on a regular basis. An all around winner. To celebrate her 'versary, she's giving away stuff! Go check her out. Listen to an episode or two and leave her a comment. While you are there, be sure to hop over to her Big Pink Cookie blog and check out her awesome photography! Way to go Christine! Happy Podcastiversary!

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