Sunday, December 08, 2013

First Snow

It's our first snowfall of winter 2013. Picture taken at 8:30 pm on December 8. We have maybe an inch or two of snow and it's just lightly flurrying now. At 24 degrees, it's a very glittery, fine snow. However, they are calling for the temperatures to rise overnight leading to a mix of sleet and rain. Should make for a sloppy drive to work in the morning!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

The All Natural Face box, December 2013

I feel like the blog is a bit redundant lately with only TANF reviews, but here we go again with December's box which arrived today. Here's what was in this month's box...

The box was filled with very festive red and silver crinkle shreds filler which made a mess and was promptly relegated to the trash. Tucked in a green organza bag were the eye products...sample sizes of Black Gold eye shadow (which I have been dieing to try since Wheaten Beauty showed it in November) and Gold Dust eye shadow. Two pots of gel eye liner in Mayan Gold and That Black and a jar of Awesome Black Primer. Although I'm not a huge fan of their gel eyeliners, I can not wait to try the black eye primer. I've recently gotten into using dark primers under my eyeshadow to really make the colors pop and I do love their other eye primers so this should be a win.

Two full size products were also included: Coconut Bliss body lotion (smells yummy!) and Edible "Love Dust". Uh, ok. I'm not sure exactly where that fits in to the picture, not what I expected in an "all natural face" box.

November's box was such a home run I had high hopes for December too. I must say I'm a bit disappointed. I'm definitely excited to try they eye kit and might even give the cat eye look shown on the idea card a try. The body products are not really up my alley. Both are quite shimmery and as I've mentioned when i got overly shimmery products in the past, it's just not a look I go for. Shimmer on the eyes, good thing, anywhere else, not so much so. So a 50/50 box this time. But that's totally cool. The All Natural Face's average is still way better than Birchbox ever was! :)