Sunday, October 19, 2014

Moona Lisa haul

I heard of Moona Lisa years ago when I was big into BPAL and other eccentric indie perfumers. There was talk of how great her scents were, how gorgeous her presentation, but mostly how damn hard it was to get a hold of. I looked at the site a few times but it was always closed so I gave up and forgot about it. But recently I ran across a few MoonaLisa hauls on YouTube and it piqued my interest again. Again, the site was sold out. So I asked around and found out the scoop. Moona only opens up a few times a year with limited edition releases. Pretty much the only way to know when this is going to happen is to follow on Facebook. So this is where I heard about the Halloween release. Halloween was live for about a week starting August 30. I didn't know how fast things would sell out so I made sure to get my order in on day 1. Not sure what is typical since I've only participated in one sale but it looks like you wouldn't necessarily have to be there during the first few hours. From then, its been a long wait. She is very up front about the turn around time. If you are in a hurry, don't even bother. It is my understanding typical TATs are around a month. Since Halloween is one of the bigger sales it runs longer. I received mine Oct 18, so about a month and a half. Was it worth the wait????
I picked up 2 soaps, 2 perfume oils and a leave in detangler hair spray. She also had body lotions, salt soaks, shower gel, body scrubs and wax tarts.
The two soaps I picked up are Late Harvet and Pumpkin Clafouti. The bars are IMMENSE! One is 8.5 ounces and the other over 9!! That's nearly double the size most handmade soapers offer. They are stunning. There is little information on her website so I was leery of ordering soaps...would they be cold process or melt and pour? These are definitely cold process. Very hard and well cured. The scents are outstanding. Very strongly scented. I can not wait to use them but they are too gorgeous to use!
Next up are the perfume oils. I know I've said I have pretty much moved on from perfume oils but the 'weens always suck me in. I chose Sleepy Hollow, (her description: Experience the legend with this solid perfume flying Ointment reminiscent of smoldering seasoned oakwood fires, warmed leather from fierce riding through the eastern woodside and the distinct aroma of roasted spiced pumpkin flesh and smoldering marshmallows). At the top I get raw pumpkin (no sweetness or spice) and as it dries more wood and smoke come through. Of course I had to get Smoldering Havana Charmer (a new Amber Tobacco Chocolate scent, I made a new version of the Duchess but much more complex , grown up and edgy.) This comes off exactly as she describes it...chocolate, amber and tobacco. Fantastic. Loved that it came wrapped in a tube to look like a mini cigar. Too cute.
And lastly I got her detangler spray in Durga (Gingery, buttery, spicy brown sugar and a hint of grounding earthy patchouli & Neroli. Smells like the MOST delicious Halloween cookies baking and a breath of Autumn Graveyard air. Hmmm, Sweet Haunted Home). The scent seems rather faint to me compared to the detanglers I have from Alchemic Muse which leave my hair scented for hours. But I've only smelled it from the bottle, not sprayed in my hair. So I'll have to report back after I've had a chance to give it a good try.

There was a little goodie bag included as well with a collectors card, a piece of candy and a soap sample. Again, the sample is quite generous and comes in a little sealed cup. This is going with on vacation next week!

So, was it worth the wait? Hell yeah. If you are into this kind of indie bath and body stuff, get on her Facebook and start saving your pennies!!