Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Just a quick post on Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. I love nail art and thought these looked like a quick and easy way to decorate my nails. So I picked up a pack at Ulta's 20% off sale last week. A pack of 16 nail polish strips retails for $4.99. You apply the strips to dry, unpolished nails. I topped mine with a coat of top coat because I heard this could extend the life of the polish. The box says the polish can last up to 10 days. I only used one strip as an accent nail. This may prove to be quite wasteful on my part. They say the strips dry out quickly once the pack is opened. I sealed my unused strips immediately in a tiny zipbag and have my fingers crossed they'll be usable in the future. The strip was a little fiddly to apply. I could have used a slightly smaller size (I saw somewhere that you could cut trim them to fit, but I was in a hurry).

I did my nails Monday night. The colored nails have Butter London Horespower as a base coat, 2 coats of Orly Haunted Mansion and Butter London PDQ top coat. The accent nail has just the Salon Effects polish strip and PDQ top coat. Here's what my nails look like after 4 1/2 days. As you can see, the colored nails are quite chipped. The SE nail has only the slightest chip at the nail tip. I'm quite impressed. I'll probably take all the polish off tonight or tomorrow since I hate hate hate chipped nails.

At the flea market today I found a vendor selling the Salon Effects packs for $1 each. I only bought one pack because the quality of goods at our flea market is often suspect and there's no guarantee how fresh these things are. I'm anxious to try a whole manicure with the strips. Although applying them to my non-dominant hand will be quite a challenge I'm sure!!

Frankenstein on the big screen

Recently my sister invited me and C to go see a double feature of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein at the local movie theater. It is part of TCM's Event Series. C and I are both big fans of Universal's old horror movies so this was a real treat. The picture quality was quite good (I believe they have been restored). The sound was less impressive, even with the excellent sound system of the theater. 

Of the two, I probably prefer the first movie more. The second tries to throw in a bit more humor through the supporting cast which is generally just annoying. The monster is more sympathetic in the sequel as he comes to realize his hideous appearance and the utter repulsion it causes. But the first is more a classic horror film. No blood or gore. Just moody, creepy, use your imagination horror. Neither movies is terribly accurate to the book.

This was a one night only treat, so if you missed it you're out of luck. However, there are other classic movies in the TCM series. If you love old movies, it might be worth checking out to have the opportunity to see a favorite on the big screen.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Follow up...

Following up on the L'de Lolita Lempicka post. I stuck with just the one scent for four days. May not sound like much to those who wear just one or two scents, but for a perfume addict like me, that's a darn good stretch. The urge for something different was just too great.

I broke the string with Fuel for Life Denim, a sweet fruity amber, very unlike L. Denim is sort of crispy and fresh where L is warm and comforting. I found myself missing L about midday on Thursday. In just those 4 days I had become quite attached to the scent.

I'm going to try more single scent runs to try to narrow down my collection. I do love having many scents to choose from. Some are better for warm days (Burberry Weekend), some for cold rainy days (Breath of God), some are great for helping me sleep (Habinita), some for feeling energized (Fuel for Life Denim). So, no, I'll never be a one scent gal. But I do want to know and understand my collection so I will always have the right scent for the right time.

Monday, October 15, 2012

L de Lolita Lempicka

I've decided to try something new this week. I'm going to try to stick to just one fragrance for the entire week. As you can probably tell from past posts, I love perfume and have a lot to choose from. I rarely wear the same scent two days in a row and frequently change scents between morning and evening depending on the longevity of the scent. I have no desire to go back to my days of being a one scent girl. But I thought it might be interesting to see how long I can stick to one scent before getting itchy for a change.

I chose L de Lolita Lempicka for the experiment. I adore this scent. An ideal scent for fall. The smooth creamy cinnamon is so unique. Fragrantica lists the notes as: Top notes are bitter orange and bergamot; middle notes are immortelle, cinnamon and musk; base notes are tonka bean, vanilla and sandalwood. I mostly get cinnamon, musk and vanilla. It is perfect for any time of day. Goes well for work or casual. It doesn't go weird if the day turns hot. It is comforting and soothing when you get a wiff of it throughout the day. Definitely a great scarf scent. All in all, it's one pretty versatile perfume that I tend to overlook.

The bottle, while quite lovely, belies the contents. One would think with an aqua colored, heart-shaped bottle adorned with netting shells and starfish that the scent would be aquatic or at the very least summery. This is not at all the case.

I will be sure to report back how I make out with sticking to one perfume.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review of Glade Expressions

My most recent BzzAgent campaign was for the Glade Expressions line. For this campaign I was supplied with coupons to get the products for free rather than receiving actual samples. This proved a bit of a problem because I couldn't find the products at the store where I normally shop. Eventually I did find the fragrance mist at another store and picked up the Cotton & Italian Mandarin scent (the store only had 2 scents to choose from!)

The product is a little different than other room sprays I've tried. There is an outer sleeve that covers the canister of spray. You twist off the bottom of the sleeve to change the spray cans out. To dispense the spray, you squeeze the bottle rather than push a button on top.

The sleeve helps to camouflage the room spray and has a nice sleek appearance. I don't tend to leave room spray sitting around so this has never really been an issue for me. The sleeve and bottom cap are all plastic. I think this might be helpful if you are storing your spray in a bathroom, near a kitchen sink, or other damp area where a normal metal bottle could possible leave a rust ring.

It is pretty easy to change out the spray can. Just untwist the bottom, tap the sleeve on the table to release the can and pop in a new one.

The scent is very nice. I get mostly the cotton/linen/fresh laundry type scent, almost no citrus as the name would imply. It's not overly strong (ie: headache inducing). The mist did a fair job of removing cooking odors. It does a wonderful job of just generally freshening up the air when the house is closed up. The scent dissipates within an hour or so. (If I want long lasting scent I go for candles or tart warmers).

The only disappointment I had with the actual product was the squeeze to spray function. I feel you have to squeeze rather firmly and that is a bit uncomfortable for me. Someone with arthritis or a weak grip would not like this packaging.

I wish the stores where I shop would have had the scent diffusers as I would have liked to try that for the basement for a longer lasting freshening. I would also like to find some of the other scents. Doesn't Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice sound wonderful for fall? If you like using fragrance products in your home, I think this would be a line worth checking out.