Friday, December 30, 2016

Goodreads 2016 Challenge

Inspired by my amazing sister nailing her 2015 Goodreads Challenge of reading 200 books and feeling total shame at my lack of book reading last year, I decided to set myself a goal. Me being a list person, having something to check off totally lights my fire, so it couldn't hurt, right?

I set a much more modest goal of 12 books, one per month, more than double what I read in 2015 (yes I said it was shameful). My secondary goal was to read some specifics: 1 Biggie Weatherford book, 2 Cat Who books, and 1 Jen Lancaster.

In the end, I managed to read 14 books including the Biggie and Jen Lancaster and one of the Cat Whos. The last two months I've been suffering from reading ennui, having finished only one book I started and abandoning 4 mid-read. But I am optimistic for the new year having just acquired some new books for Christmas that I'm dying to read.

So onward to the 2017 Challenge. It's not posted on Goodreads just yet, but I'll be signing up as soon as it is. My goal is 15. My planned reading list includes: another Jen Lancaster, 1 Biggie, 1 Cat Who, 1 Neil Gaiman, the Alton Brown book C gave me for Christmas, at least 2 of the cozies that have been multiplying on my shelves.

Are you doing the challenge? What's on your "to read" pile?