Sunday, February 08, 2015

Tea with Jam and Bread

Hooray! A finished object to show.

I finished my Tea with Jam and Bread sweater last weekend and was able to wear it for my birthday. I modified the pattern only by not knitting the stripes and leaving off the pockets. It was an incredibly easy and relatively fast knit. I am 100% team top down, knit in one piece sweaters now. It was fabulous not having to do all that tedious seaming at the end. The fit is wonderful. I have finally realized I'm not indeed actually as big as a house and thus should not knit my sweaters to fit one. Knitting at one's true size has a ton of benefits...less knitting, less yarn and an end result you can actually be proud to wear. I knit size M2 which gives me about 5 inches positive ease, plenty of room to throw a shirt under. I used a little over 5 balls of Caron Country yarn in Silver Service (looks blue in the picture but it is actually a pretty true silver color). I would definitely knit this pattern again.

I'm anxious to get another sweater on the needles while it's still cold enough to knit big items. I have a pattern picked out. Just need to decide on some yarn.