Sunday, June 22, 2014

Latte heaven

I luvs me some yummy flavored coffee and when my Kindle Fire displayed a Mr. Coffee latte maker flash sale a few months ago, I was on it in a heartbeat. The last thing I want is another appliance to clutter up my counters and this is definitely a one trick pony. But it does it's one thing really well and it is light enough to move around and stow away when not in use.

The Mr. Coffee Latte Maker retails for around $65 on Amazon. The price was reduced to a crazy $20 during the flash sale! It is quite easy to and water in the top, milk (and flavoring if desired) in the bottom, push a button and in about 8 minutes or so you've got a steaming hot latte.
You also have the option of just frothing/heating the milk if you prefer. This setting makes super tasty hot chocolate. There is a recipe book included but anyone with an ounce of creativity can easily come up with their own creations. My favorite home concoction is a raspberry mocha (a squirt or two of Hershey's syrup and a few drops of McCormack raspberry flavoring in with the milk), YUMMY!
At the moment I'm using almond milk and it doesn't tend to froth quite as nicely as regular milk. But it works well enough and the flavor is delicious.

The biggest downside is cleaning the carafe. It is not immersible and the milk tends to stick to the bottom. I wait until it cools down and then scrub it out well with soap and water and a sponge after every use. You also need to rinse the whisk very well since it also is not immersible.

In addition to the new coffee maker I need to point out my absolute favorite (new) mug. Isn't it fabulous! The mug I got holds 20 oz, a prefect coffee bucket for me. It feels perfect in my hands. It is a hand painted mug from Grey December on Etsy. Go check out her pottery. Gorgeous stuff. I MUST have this mug next.