Sunday, January 21, 2007

Forget Widdershins!

We are not speaking of Widdershins. The math proved way out of my league so I shall wait to try this pattern when I have yarn of the appropriate gauge. I pushed on, though, and did try another toe up pattern with the lovely bamboo yarn. But it too kicked my butt with it's provisional cast on that wouldn't unravel nicely, instead releasing two or more rows of stitches every time I removed it. After an hour, I'd had enough and packed the bamboo yarn away. When I finish the Mister Joe socks I'll give the bamboo a try with my standard top down pattern. Speaking of Mister Joe...Sock one finished! And the wee beginnings of sock two. I haven't spent much time on these the last few days. Since winter has finally arrived here, I found myself in need of another pair of fingerless gloves. I love the Fetching mitts from a few months back, but find the cables on the palm a bit irritating after awhile. And since I've got tons of sock yarn around, I decided to find a pattern at that gauge. The Kat's Paws provided the perfect answer.The pattern designer claimed she could knit a mitt in 2 hours. It took me more like 6, but still a pretty fast knit in my book. They are long enough to tuck up into my sleeve and fall just below my fingers so they won't interfere with typing. The yarn is Gedifra Sportivo color 5704 and the needle a Suzanne's Ebony both from Webs. I'm not sure I'd like the yarn for socks. Maybe if it was knit at a tighter gauge, but at this gauge (7 st/in), I don't think it would hold up as a sock. The jury is still out on the needle. I love the needle it's self. It's a beautiful matte black and the stitches slide nicely on it. But the join is a bit bumpy and I find I have to wiggle the stitches over it most every time I switch needles. Of all the needles I've tried, I'm still going to go with Knit Picks as my favorite overall.

Speaking of Knit Picks, they came through with flying colors once again. I ordered the companion dvd to EZ's Knitting Workshop book last weekend and it arrived on Friday.Sadly, I haven't had a chance to sit down and watch it yet. I spent much of my weekend watching the Doctor Who season one dvd set. Totally awesome!

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