Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spinning dvds

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Mine was very nice. The weather cooperated so we were able to visit hubby's family Christmas Eve and my family did our annual Christmas thing on Christmas day. My boss was nice enough to give us off both Thursday and Friday for the holiday, so it's been a wonderful, relaxing long weekend.

I've been spending my weekend watching spinning videos. There is a service available called Smart Flix. It is similar to Netflix in that it rents dvds. However, Smart Flix rents educational dvds. Prices vary, but in general it's around $10 per video and you get them for one week. I've been dieing to get some spinning videos . Being entirely self taught by book and Internet, I knew there would be a lot to be learned by being able to watch someone else spinning. But the $70-$80 it would cost to buy the videos prevented me from doing it. Enter Smart Flix. You can rent the spinning basics and advanced dvd set for $17. So I signed up and ordered the set. It took longer than expected to ship, the site said they would ship within 24 hours, but didn't ship for 4 days. The videos arrived a few days after they were shipped, packaged in a nice little box that will also be used to return them in (postage is included both ways). The first dvd covers all the basics of spinning, different types of wheels, fiber prep, different drafting methods and how to finish your yarn. I'm not quite through it yet, but so far the second video goes into more detail about chosing fiber to fit the project, how to spin to get the yarn you want for a particular purpose. I'm learning so much. Today I hope to sit at my wheel with the videos and try some of the techniques shown. I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to view these videos. I don't feel they would be worth the extreme price to purchase them, though. I think viewing them once or twice, for me at least, should be sufficent to imprint the concepts on my brain.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Beedle The Bard

Oh yes, my copy of JK Rowling's Beedle the Bard arrived today. I truly did intend to not open it until Christmas. But I just couldn't resist.

The box was much larger than I expected. Here's the first look.Inside the plain slip cover is the fake book.I'm not certain if it is leather or faux. It smells much like leather, but its hard to say and the Amazon description doesn't tell. It is sturdy and looks like an ancient book.
The inside is fabric lined with a pocket containing additional illustrations and a cavity for the book.
My illustration envelope was bent and so were the pictures inside when whoever packed the book forced them into the pocket. But the damage is barely noticeable and I can not bare to part with my treasure to send it back for replacement.
The book is phenomenal. I could not be happier.I could only get a picture of the outside. The binding is really tight and I'm not about to bust the spine just to get blog fodder. I'm thinking I may have to pick up the paperback book to actually read so I can keep this copy pristine! I was a wee bit disappointed that the pages were not deckle edged as the original, but in all other aspects, the book meets or exceeds my expectations. I'm sure it is leather bound. It is heavy and extremely well made (it should be at that price!). This is the single most expensive book I have ever bought. And so totally worth every penny.