Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A few weeks back I as talking with mom about having found some old brown Pfaltzgraff dishes at the flea market. The pattern is called Gourmet. They are dark brown with a cream colored, often mottled band around the edges. My Grandma Miller had these dishes so they kindle a real sense of nostalgia in me, fondly reminding me of scrumptious meals at her house. The pattern is fairly easy to find at flea markets and not terribly expensive. So I've picked up a few pieces here and there. So I'm telling mom all this and she said she recalled one of my aunt's mentioning that she had a set of these dishes she wasn't using and had been looking to get rid of them. She said she would inquire if my aunt still had them and let her know I was interested. As luck would have it, she did still have the dishes and by further luck, my folks were planning a visit to see her (she lives a few states away).

So my parents got back from there trip and today dropped off the dishes. Now I was expecting maybe 4 or 5 place settings since my aunt had said she knew some had been broken over the years. So I was blown away when dad opened the car trunk and I found
2 boxes and 2 tote bags full of dishes. My aunt sent me not only the dishes but all of her serving pieces.My mind is reeling at the shear generosity of it.The pieces are gorgeous and I will put as much of it to use as I possibly can. Some of the larger pieces may have to be stored since I don't have much occasion for their use. But I guarantee each piece will be cherished.

When I asked my parents was she sure she didn't want anything for all this, they told me her reply was simply "maybe she'll think of me when she uses them". This, I promise, I will!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year!

Ah, it's that time of year again. There's a nip in the air, the leaves are aglow in bright reds and yellows, Halloween is just around the corner and C and I are on vacation. As I'm sure I've said before, we are staycation people and this year is no different. The week leading up to vacation was a bit hectic so this week of relaxation was even more welcome. I'm relishing in complete self indulgence.

Friday we started off with a trip to some of our favorite stores. We didn't find anything at Comics and Paperbacks but had fun looking around, he at comics and I at the mystery books. Then it was off to Yarn Love in Hummelstown. I got to look at and fondle all the gorgeous yarns they stock and was thrilled to see knit samples of Clapotis and Damson on display. It's all well and good to see photos on Ravelry of yarns and knitted items, but nothing compares to seeing them in person! I bought a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy. Gorgeous gorgeous yarn. The colors are so intense. I met the owner of YL, Pam. What a delightful person. We chatted about yarns and patterns and she made me feel so at home. I've been impressed with this store every time I've been there. We finished up the day at Olde Factory Antiques again. My mother in law spied the Jello Halloween molds I managed to miss when they were in the grocery store and I've wanted for soap making. I also picked up some small glass dishes for soaping.

Speaking of soaping, I ordered the Swirl Soap kit from Brambleberry to lea
rn swirled melt and pour over vacation. You can see a video of the technique on SoapQueen tv. That's on the agenda for later today.

I've finished a few knitting projects. A pair of No Purl Monkey socks in Katsara Panda yarn.
This is a fast knit and comfortable sock pattern. I'm not as into the pastel colors as I was when I purchased this yarn a few years back. These may end up being gifted to someone.

Also finished a Burnished Leaves cowl.
This was knit in Knit Picks Shadow yarn. Soft and light as a feather. Not too warm, just enough to keep my neck warm when my hair is up. This too was a quick and easy knit.

On the needles:
Skully, take 2. Yes, I'm making a second stab at the Skully sweater. I'm actually using the modified drop shoulder sweater pattern from Knitter's Book of Sweater patterns and only using the skull & cross bones chart from the original pattern.

Vanilla socks. This is my current purse knitting. JL Yarn Salvia in a green, yellow and red colorway.

Grandma's Favorite washcloth. Been knitting these like potato chips, one right after the other.

And various other projects that get a row or two at a time. It's delightful to have such a variety of things to occupy my time!