Monday, November 21, 2005

Goblet of Fire

Saturday was fun. Chuck and I left early and had a chance to walk through the flea market outside of E-town. It was a beautiful morning to walk around, not too cold, but cold enough that it wasn't crowded. I, of course, wore my Gryffindor scarf since we were headed to the movie afterwards. One of the sellers recognized it right away and asked if I had been to the movie. I told her we were going after we finished up there. She had seen it Friday night and said it was great.

I had preordered our tickets, but we still got to the theater early. We were glad we did because it was still hard to find seats. The movie was really good. I would rate it my 2nd favorite HP movie. (Prisoner of Azkaban still reigns as my favorite.) Lovers of the book will be disappointed that they couldn't fit more of the story in. The movie felt rushed with the amount of story they did manage to cram in. The movie was completly Harry-centric. If it didn't deal directly with Harry, it wasn't in the movie. There was very little one on one character interaction. Mostly one action sequence after another. There were plenty of funny moments...Fred & George were a riot (as they are in the book), the bathtub scene with Moaning Myrtle was hilarious. Moody, although in appearence nothing like what I expected, nailed it personality-wise. The special effects were awesome (as they have been in all 3 previous movies). The dragon, scuttling across the roof, outstanding! Voldemort was plenty creepy. The death-eaters were barely given any screen time. Priori-incantatum and what follows were heart wrenching (very well played Daniel Radcliff). Thankfully, Dumbledore was not the blustery, angry wizard the previews showed him as. All in all, 4 out of 5 stars. Probably won't go see it in the theater again, but will get the DVD as soon as it's released. According to HPANA, it's already set for release on April 4. And it is said to include 15 minutes additional footage and (finally!) directors commentary. OOTP is supposed to start filming after the first of the year. They've got their work cut out for them again. Hopefully they do a better job adapting the movie to the screen.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pictures, finally

I was finally able to get pictures to load. So here's just a quick post for show & tell.

First my chulu hat. It's a bit more red in person.

Here's dad's hat. The colors look very true in the picture. See how high the stripes are? I'll tell him it's his halo!

My current WIP, ready to work the toe. I don't feel like such a sock loser anymore. This is more my speed of socks...chunky 10,000 stitches! I better getting cracking on this, it's supposed to be in the 20's the next few nights! Will certainly need warm slippers.

Finally, the offending Goblet of Fire pages. It's hard to see, but it's 210, page 179! Managed to squeeze in two more chapters before falling asleep last night. I'm off work again Friday and hoping to read all day. Doesn't look promising though, looks like we may be going away. Oh well, it's not like I've never read it (for the record, this is the 3rd time I'm reading it.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I was all set to post pictures of my knitting, but seems I still can't get pictures to post here. I reported the problem to Blogger when it first happened, what was that like 2 weeks ago? Oh well, it's just been one of those days.

I was reading Goblet of Fire at lunch when suddenly it didn't make sense. Took a minute to realize, there's a printing error in my book! It jumps from page 210 to page 179. Pages 211 through 242 are missing. How frustrating! It's bad enough I've got 500 pages to read in 4 days (something tells me this just aint gonna happen), but to have 30 pages missing too...there may just be a curse upon me. I was so happy when I got this copy too. A first edition in unread, pristine condition. Now I wish the person had read it (I refuse to believe the person sold the book knowing thsese pages were missing). Now I've got to locate another good copy to complete my collection. Thankfully mom still had my paperback copies, so I was able to read the missing pages and move on.

Finished dad's hat. I'm a little disappointed with it though. The stripes are too high. If I make the pattern again, I'll work the stripes sooner. I think it will work though. The size came out right and the colors work really well. If I ever get this picture thing working, I'll be sure to put pictures up.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Only 5 days until I get to see Goblet of Fire. I'm afraid to say I'm not nearly as far along in the book as I had hoped to be. I spent all my day off on Friday rearranging my craft room to make room for a filing cabinet (oh but it's so nice and organized now!) Then we were away all day Saturday so I didn't get any reading in then either. Sunday I read quite a bit since I strained my back raking leaves and didn't feel up to doing much.

I got a good bit of knitting done too. Finished my chulu. It turned out somewhat too big, but I ran a seam up the back and it fits well now. Looks great. Chuck thinks it looks goofy, but I love it. Should be cold enough by the end of the week to wear it too!

The yarn I needed for dad's hat didn't come until today, so I knit on my shawl over the weekend. Oh how I love the shawl. I think I'm only working on it in bits so I can enjoy knitting on it longer!

The sock, well, the sock has found a new home. With the addition of the new file cabinet, I now have a discreet location to store my less appealing WIPs. I KNEW that tiny, skinny yarn would get the better of me. I'm about halfway down the heel flap. I'm not giving up, mind you, just taking a break. There are only two items in the drawer of shame. The sock and a stack of log cabin quilt blocks. I need to make about 5 maybe 6 more blocks to have enough for a top. It's been about 3 years since I worked on it. The strips are all cut, just have to do it.

I started working on a pair of slippers in KnitPicks Sierra using this pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns. I won't be putting the fuzzy stuff around the cuff though. Just plain blue and green footies. The yarn is so soft and cushy and warm. And (and this is the best part) it's fast knitting. I've stopped to finish dad's hat since the yarn came today, but I don't expect these slippers to take long at all to finish.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

11 days and counting...

The release of GOF is drawing nearer. I've watched every clip I could find online. This film looks like it will be AWESOME! I was able to preorder our tickets already so we are guaranteed to get in. We'll still be at the theater early so we can get good seats. And this time, I even have my Gryffindor scarf to wear (wasn't able to finish it in time for POA). As I am undoubtedly the most HP obsessed person in the group I'm going with, I hope to not embarrass them too much by showing my colors!

I started reading the book again on Sunday. Even at my abysmally slow pace, I should have it finished before the 19th. I thought about just listening to the book on tape again, but there's something more real when you read the book. JK Rowling is by far and away one of my favorite storytellers. She knows how to paint a picture in your mind. Thankfully, the movies haven't strayed far from her vision.

On the knitting front, I've run out of yarn for dad's hat. Darn. Had to place another order with KnitPicks. At least they still had free shipping. I should have cast on my slippers since my feet are cold again, but instead I cast on a chulu (one of those pointy hats with earflaps like the sherpas wear). I'm using the pattern in the new Knitscene magazine. The pattern in the magazine gives a general pattern that you can use any gauge yarn. I'm knitting with that Encore DK that I didn't like for P2 and a strand of Twinkletoes sock yarn held together (yeah, I've started letting go of the idea of me becoming a sock knitter). It's turning out fantastic. I've had some issues with needles since both hats are using the same size needle and I only have one 16" US 5 circular needle. I've been transfering the two hats between needles as the chulu progresses.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pictures from my oh so thrilling vacation

Well, much to my surprise, the smokey little trick-r-treaters didn't egg my house last night. Not so much of a surprise, Blogger's photo thing still isn't working. I'm going to try an alternate method, see if I can give you a couple more photos.

One finished hot water bottle cover. 'course, now the weather has turned warm again and I don't need it. But it's time will come. Vague directions for those who care...I just knit two rectangles roughly the size of the water bottle, garter stitch for the first and last 4 rows and keeping the first and last 4 stitches of each row in garter, the rest was knit in stockinette. Then I seamed up the two long sides and the bottom and put the bottle in. I seamed one side of the top shut and laced the other side with a ribbon so I can take the bottle out and wash the cover if necessary.

Dad's hat as of Sunday.

As of today, it's a ball of yarn again. There's no way this thing is going to fit on an adult's head although the instructions say it will. Well, it might, but it would be stretched to the dickens. Will be casting on again tonight using what I hope will be a more adequate number of stitches.

Here are some of my purchases for vacation. New knitting mags (also picked up Knit It which isn't pictured here.) A very awesome soap making book (finally found one for melt & pour soaps!) And a stack of patterns from the Yarn Gallery in Reading.

The on in the upper right is the Port Orford pullover from Oat Couture. This is the most likely canidate for my next "big" project once I finish my Christmas knitting. The other patterns are for DK & worsted weight socks. Don't tell Sock (or the umpteen balls of sock yarn now residing in my stash), but I'm thinking that tiny, skinny little yarn may be too much commitment for me. I do vow to finish Sock before giving up and moving on to heavier yarns.

And finally, my oh-so-cool Goth-Icky Journal where I keep all my knitting records. It's still in it's infancy, but I'm faithfully recording all my knit projects in this little treasure.

Each page has all the details about the pattern and yarn, any changes I made, dates started and finished and a scrap of yarn. There will be pictures too, once I get them developed.

And now that it's November, the countdown starts to Goblet of Fire! The current plan is to go on the 20th with my mom sister and sister-in-law and hopefully miss some of the opening day crowds. Will be pre-ordering tickets as soon as the come available, just to be sure.