Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 2014 beauty haul

I had a couple of orders from different companies come in recently and thought I'd share them as one huge post. January has been snowy and cold this year (a big change from last year's mild winter) and I find getting little treats delivered right to my door to be a big pick-me-up.

First up is some nail polish (which I need like a hole in the head). Zoya was running their (annual??) 3 for $12 sale a few weeks back. I had intended on passing it up but in a moment of weakness I succumbed (insane hours at work will do that to you!)

I like Zoya polishes a lot. The formula is relatively clean (I think they claim to be 5 free now). They apply evenly and last as well as any polish does for me. Their color selection is vast but their website has really nice search/refine tools that make it easy to find colors you are looking for. The colors I chose this time are Belinda, a gorgeous royal purple, Ginessa, a frosty white (I'm trying to step out of my dark nail comfort zone), and Claudine, which looks like a violent storm cloud in a bottle. Love them all and can't wait to get them on my nails.

Next up are some cosmetics from Silk Naturals (which I also needed like a hole in the head).

I discovered Silk Naturals last year in my quest to clean up my skincare and makeup. They make wonderful cosmetics at great prices. I've always been a bit of a spaz with pencil eyeliner and mostly line my eyes with a brush and my shadow. I was drawn to SN's cream eyeliner palette since it will allow me to still line my eyes with a brush but will hopefully last longer than powder and won't have the fallout issues powder can have. The colors are gorgeous and you get 9 in one handy little palette. This winter they came out with new cream foundations which sounded quite nice so I picked up two samples to test and see if I can find a shade match. Event and Alibi are pigment eye shadows that I got for free with my order (free is good and a girl can NEVER have too many eye shadows!) I also picked up a sample of the new Cloud finishing powder. I have dry skin but like to set my makeup with powder. Cloud powder is designed not to absorb oil, just provide the flawless finish. I'm looking forward to trying it. The square container is brow cream in medium brown. Apparently one of the blessings of aging is thinning brows and I've started filling mine in just a bit. Again, trying to clean up the chemicals I was looking for a natural product. I've been using a sample of this cream for months and love it. The full size will last me forever. I imagine it will dry up before I'm able to use the whole thing! And the last item in this order is a purple lippie. They call this a Slick Stick which is sort of a cross between a light lipstick and a gloss.

My All Natural Face subscription box for February also arrived this week. As expected, it's a Valentine's themed box.

Following the order of the card: another jar of Edible Cocoa Love Dust (still haven't opened the last one I got, fail); a full size roll on of Olive Squaline Oil (I love face oils and am very much looking forward to trying this one. It feels light and has no scent); sample of Raspberry flavored Lip Gloss (can always use a good moisturizing lip gloss); Pandora's Box Massage Oil & Lubricant (again, why are they including this stuff in a "beauty" box? However, the ingredients list is straight up coconut oil which is great for a million different things so it's not a loss); full size Strawberry Face Food (I ADORE face foods!); full size Monoi Body Oil (this is a solid oil, much like a body butter. Smells of gardenia so will probably set it aside for summer when I'm feeling more like floral scents); full size Raspberry Diva Stick (I believe this can be used for lips or cheeks) and finally a vegan chocolate (oh yeah, I ate it like 30 seconds after I took the picture! Yum). All in all a great box.

I didn't post the January box I realize now. Mine came without the card and I wasn't sure if it was all there. The products were mostly all sample sizes (it seems to flip back and forth, one month a lot of full size, the next month mostly samples). There were 3 eye shadows, 2 gel eye liners (their eye liners don't work for me), a dark brown brow wax (way too dark for me) and a Diva stick (which was gorgeous).

The last thing I got recently was a bit of a splurge. Although it may not seem like it by some people's standards, I am trying to cut back on my perfume purchasing. In the last few years of my perfume renaissance I have found some real gems and I'm feeling like I want to settle down to this core of stand outs. I still love having a variety since different occasions/seasons/feelings require their own scents (I couldn't wear Burberry Weekend in the dead of winter nor could I wear M'eau Joe in the height of summer). So all that being said, I'm trying not to buy more perfume. No blind buys. No full bottles without having first tried a sample/decant. And I've been good. I've picked up some samples and decants and been pleased to have just bits and pieces to try without splashing out money for big bottles. Then a few months back (I think it was end of November) Fragrantica and Lucky Scent partnered to give away samples of a new scent from Teo Cabanel called Barkhane. I was one of the lucky recipients and oh boy was I smitten. Its a bit of a spendy purchase so I've been mostly just sniffing the sample rather than wearing it as I didn't want to use it up! I had long decided this would be my first (and possibly ONLY perfume purchase for 2014). And I figured it would be my "tax refund" treat in a few months. However, January is, as I said before, an insane month for me at work. Arguably the worst month of the year. Crazy long hours on top of the post holiday let down wear on one's spirits. I guess I'm just justifying the retail therapy but I caved and used some of my OT and an early birthday gift from C to get a bottle of Barkhane.
It came earlier this week and I was totally freaking out because it was being delivered via USPS and would be sitting in my mail box in very sub-freezing temps while I was stuck at work all day. I was so worried it would freeze and break. Thankfully it arrived unscathed. The bottle is very heavy. It looks small but is 1.7 oz. The scent is absolutely divine. Incense, smoke, spice, sweet, wood. A bit like Chergui but better. It is 100% comfort scent. I catch little whiffs of it all day as I move around and it just gets better and better throughout the day. I've worn it nonstop since it arrived. It has fantastic longevity and average projection. Non-offensive, totally work appropriate. It's early days yet, but I'm feeling very comfortable with my original, pre-purchase, plan that this could be my only scent purchase for 2014. I am a fickle soul and that may (probably will) change, but for now I am perfectly content.

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