Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mental Floss & the pinecone bottle

A few years ago my sister gifted C and I with a subscription to Mental Floss and has kindly continued the tradition since.

The magazine is a delightfully quirky source of information. Topics are all over the, history, biography, trivia, even beauty! It is one of the few magazines I read more than 80% of the content and save the issues! Much to my delight, they now give you the tablet edition free with your print subscription so I can read on my Kindle Fire (seriously, why doesn't EVERY publisher do this?!)

Earlier this week I was reading the March/April 2013 issue and found a nifty little craft project on page 17. Similar to the concept of a ship in a bottle, they presented a pinecone in a bottle. Fortunately we are still in the right time of year to find closed pinecones and happen to pass under a spectacular pine on our walking route. We found a smallish closed cone and I had an old nifty looking olive oil bottle with a neck just wide enough to squeeze the cone through and voila...

I'll be sure to post a followup photo when the cone opens. I think it will be quite cute.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

M'eau Joe No 3

In fall 2012 Opus Oils released a new perfume called M'Eau Joe No 3, Hollywood Whiskey Fragrance. I love boozy scents and thought this sounded intriguing. But since I am actively trying to reign in my perfume buying, I decided to wait for some reviews to come out and see what people were saying. When I saw Boo's review a few weeks back, I knew I had to give it a try.

I ordered a sample first. Customer service from Opus was great and it came within a few days. The scent blew me away. (A bottle purchase soon followed!) It is absolutely unique. You won't smell anything like it anywhere else. It is straight up booze and tobacco. But not in a bad way. M'eau Joe is the most comforting, cozy fragrance I've had the pleasure of wearing. It conjures images of a richly wood-paneled room with big cozy chairs, a fireplace burning fragrant logs, pipe smoke and glasses of whiskey. I do not smoke or drink, nor do I ever got to bars, so I can not fathom why this scent strikes such a chord for me. But it surely does.

This scent would not be for everyone, that's for sure. It is strong. VERY strong. One spray lasts for hours and projects very well. Probably not the best choice for work unless you go really light on the touch. Perfect for lazy days at home or for going out. Great scarf scent! Walking outside on a cold day with a bit of this wafting up, sheer heaven.

The notes are: 
Top Notes - Whiskey, Saffron Attar, Rice Paddy Herb, White Cognac & Geosmin
Middle Notes - Pyralone, Honey, Rose, Violet & Chocolate Base Notes - Dark Amber, Vanilla, Tobacco, Musk, Moss & Woods

If you love tobacco or boozy scents, you have got to get this one. 

Morningstar Veggie Burgers

Recently I was invited to join a new Bzz campaign for Morningstar Veggie Burgers and I jumped right in. It was a no-brainer since I am familiar with Morningstar and know I would be able to find them at my local store.

I love a good hamburger. My grandfather raised cattle so we grew up with good beef to eat. However, now that C and I have more healthy eating habits, beef doesn't figure in to our diet much anymore. Chicken and turkey burgers are a pale substitute. So, we've turned to veggie burgers. Most, to be frank, are not very good at all. But Morningstar is a notable exception.

Morningstar burgers come in a variety of flavors. Our favorite are the Mushroom Lovers. They have a mildly smokey flavor and the mushrooms give them a more "meaty" texture. I wouldn't really call the flavor overly mushroom, though. We also like the Garden Veggie variety. The water chestnuts in these give an interesting bit of crunch.

Morningstar burgers are great for a quick lunch since they can be heated in the microwave. We prefer them heated in the oven or a skillet though (microwave can leave them a bit tough if you overcook them). On a whole wheat roll with regular burger fixings like tomato, onion and a slice of cheese, they make a great dinner.

If you are looking for a lower fat/calorie option for a hamburger and have possibly been disappointed with other non-meat burgers out there, you should give Morningstar a try.