Sunday, July 12, 2015

Flea market finds 07-12-15

C and I haven't been hitting the flea markets much lately but it is a beautiful day in PA today so we hopped in the Jeep and headed to Adamstown.

Renninger's was packed so we were excited for potential treasures. As usual, most of the stuff there was overpriced. We did see alot of beautiful carnival glass that was fairly priced but not in my budget!
These three ceramic pieces came from a nice old man who was selling everything for $3 or 2 for $5 or 5 for $10. I've been looking for a pheasant planter so I knew right away that was coming home with me. C liked the turkey candle holders for Thanksgiving. I had just picked up the middle one but the man insisted these were a pair (they don't even match!!) but since he was selling them as a pair I took them both. The one on the right has a chip on the tail, but it's in the back so you don't really see it.

After Renninger's we headed over to Shupp's Grove. We didn't find anything at the regular stands, but lucked out at the few new vendors that were there.
I spotted some carnival glass and knew I wanted the little blue footed dish. The lady running the stand was only asking $8 and said she'd make me a good deal if I bought more than one piece. I picked up the other piece of blue carnival glass and the little green container hoping she'd bundle them for $20. When she said $15 for the 3 I was delighted. They are smallish pieces (maybe 5-6 inches) and the glaze on the footed dish isn't real good so I'm guessing they aren't really valuable pieces, but they are beautiful and will look great on my kitchen window.
We found this Halloween die cut for $12. It's in excellent condition. It's unpunched with only some tape damage on the back. Wonderful addition to our collection. We saw a lot of neat Halloween pieces today but prices were outrageous. I'm a cheapskate with loads of patience when it comes to this stuff. If you look long enough, you generally find something worthwhile at a decent price.
 And finally we scored some vintage Christmas decorations. I've been on the hunt for the little cardboard houses forever. Dad still puts his under his Christmas tree and I've longed to have a set of my own. But they are delicate little things and difficult to find in decent condition. Even hard to find at reasonable prices. Today we managed both. The guy we bought them from actually had a bunch of pretty good pieces. These were probably the nicest of the bunch. All but the blue one still have their cellophane windows intact. The glitter is excellent on the pink house and fair on the rest. I plan to reglitter them and get cellophane for the blue house and will love putting these out this Christmas. I also picked up the glass skater ornament since I've been wanting to start a collection of glass ornaments. The whole lot only cost $15.