Monday, November 21, 2005

Goblet of Fire

Saturday was fun. Chuck and I left early and had a chance to walk through the flea market outside of E-town. It was a beautiful morning to walk around, not too cold, but cold enough that it wasn't crowded. I, of course, wore my Gryffindor scarf since we were headed to the movie afterwards. One of the sellers recognized it right away and asked if I had been to the movie. I told her we were going after we finished up there. She had seen it Friday night and said it was great.

I had preordered our tickets, but we still got to the theater early. We were glad we did because it was still hard to find seats. The movie was really good. I would rate it my 2nd favorite HP movie. (Prisoner of Azkaban still reigns as my favorite.) Lovers of the book will be disappointed that they couldn't fit more of the story in. The movie felt rushed with the amount of story they did manage to cram in. The movie was completly Harry-centric. If it didn't deal directly with Harry, it wasn't in the movie. There was very little one on one character interaction. Mostly one action sequence after another. There were plenty of funny moments...Fred & George were a riot (as they are in the book), the bathtub scene with Moaning Myrtle was hilarious. Moody, although in appearence nothing like what I expected, nailed it personality-wise. The special effects were awesome (as they have been in all 3 previous movies). The dragon, scuttling across the roof, outstanding! Voldemort was plenty creepy. The death-eaters were barely given any screen time. Priori-incantatum and what follows were heart wrenching (very well played Daniel Radcliff). Thankfully, Dumbledore was not the blustery, angry wizard the previews showed him as. All in all, 4 out of 5 stars. Probably won't go see it in the theater again, but will get the DVD as soon as it's released. According to HPANA, it's already set for release on April 4. And it is said to include 15 minutes additional footage and (finally!) directors commentary. OOTP is supposed to start filming after the first of the year. They've got their work cut out for them again. Hopefully they do a better job adapting the movie to the screen.

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