Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I was all set to post pictures of my knitting, but seems I still can't get pictures to post here. I reported the problem to Blogger when it first happened, what was that like 2 weeks ago? Oh well, it's just been one of those days.

I was reading Goblet of Fire at lunch when suddenly it didn't make sense. Took a minute to realize, there's a printing error in my book! It jumps from page 210 to page 179. Pages 211 through 242 are missing. How frustrating! It's bad enough I've got 500 pages to read in 4 days (something tells me this just aint gonna happen), but to have 30 pages missing too...there may just be a curse upon me. I was so happy when I got this copy too. A first edition in unread, pristine condition. Now I wish the person had read it (I refuse to believe the person sold the book knowing thsese pages were missing). Now I've got to locate another good copy to complete my collection. Thankfully mom still had my paperback copies, so I was able to read the missing pages and move on.

Finished dad's hat. I'm a little disappointed with it though. The stripes are too high. If I make the pattern again, I'll work the stripes sooner. I think it will work though. The size came out right and the colors work really well. If I ever get this picture thing working, I'll be sure to put pictures up.

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