Tuesday, November 08, 2005

11 days and counting...

The release of GOF is drawing nearer. I've watched every clip I could find online. This film looks like it will be AWESOME! I was able to preorder our tickets already so we are guaranteed to get in. We'll still be at the theater early so we can get good seats. And this time, I even have my Gryffindor scarf to wear (wasn't able to finish it in time for POA). As I am undoubtedly the most HP obsessed person in the group I'm going with, I hope to not embarrass them too much by showing my colors!

I started reading the book again on Sunday. Even at my abysmally slow pace, I should have it finished before the 19th. I thought about just listening to the book on tape again, but there's something more real when you read the book. JK Rowling is by far and away one of my favorite storytellers. She knows how to paint a picture in your mind. Thankfully, the movies haven't strayed far from her vision.

On the knitting front, I've run out of yarn for dad's hat. Darn. Had to place another order with KnitPicks. At least they still had free shipping. I should have cast on my slippers since my feet are cold again, but instead I cast on a chulu (one of those pointy hats with earflaps like the sherpas wear). I'm using the pattern in the new Knitscene magazine. The pattern in the magazine gives a general pattern that you can use any gauge yarn. I'm knitting with that Encore DK that I didn't like for P2 and a strand of Twinkletoes sock yarn held together (yeah, I've started letting go of the idea of me becoming a sock knitter). It's turning out fantastic. I've had some issues with needles since both hats are using the same size needle and I only have one 16" US 5 circular needle. I've been transfering the two hats between needles as the chulu progresses.

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