Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's beginning to look...

We had our first snowfall this past weekend. Can't believe it's starting already. I really don't like snow. It's fine for laying on the grass and frosting the trees, but it can just stay the heck off the sidewalks and streets. They are calling for more snow on Friday which means the grocery store will be packed when we go tomorrow. And heaven help us find a loaf of bread!

On the plus side, the snow does make it feel more Christmas-ie. I have finished all my Christmas knitting and nearly all my shopping. Just a few odds and ends to finish up this weekend. I started knitting myself a pair of mittens with KnitPicks Merino in Fog and Shimmer in a blue color (can't remember the name). They are thick and warm and I'm sure will be much needed this winter. I finished the left mitten (except the thumb) and am about half way done with the right. I took a break today and cast on the Orford Port sweater from Oat Couture using some wool/cotton/silk yarn I got off of Ebay. After spending the last month knitting (mostly) for others, it's nice to be knitting for me again.

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