Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pictures from my oh so thrilling vacation

Well, much to my surprise, the smokey little trick-r-treaters didn't egg my house last night. Not so much of a surprise, Blogger's photo thing still isn't working. I'm going to try an alternate method, see if I can give you a couple more photos.

One finished hot water bottle cover. 'course, now the weather has turned warm again and I don't need it. But it's time will come. Vague directions for those who care...I just knit two rectangles roughly the size of the water bottle, garter stitch for the first and last 4 rows and keeping the first and last 4 stitches of each row in garter, the rest was knit in stockinette. Then I seamed up the two long sides and the bottom and put the bottle in. I seamed one side of the top shut and laced the other side with a ribbon so I can take the bottle out and wash the cover if necessary.

Dad's hat as of Sunday.

As of today, it's a ball of yarn again. There's no way this thing is going to fit on an adult's head although the instructions say it will. Well, it might, but it would be stretched to the dickens. Will be casting on again tonight using what I hope will be a more adequate number of stitches.

Here are some of my purchases for vacation. New knitting mags (also picked up Knit It which isn't pictured here.) A very awesome soap making book (finally found one for melt & pour soaps!) And a stack of patterns from the Yarn Gallery in Reading.

The on in the upper right is the Port Orford pullover from Oat Couture. This is the most likely canidate for my next "big" project once I finish my Christmas knitting. The other patterns are for DK & worsted weight socks. Don't tell Sock (or the umpteen balls of sock yarn now residing in my stash), but I'm thinking that tiny, skinny little yarn may be too much commitment for me. I do vow to finish Sock before giving up and moving on to heavier yarns.

And finally, my oh-so-cool Goth-Icky Journal where I keep all my knitting records. It's still in it's infancy, but I'm faithfully recording all my knit projects in this little treasure.

Each page has all the details about the pattern and yarn, any changes I made, dates started and finished and a scrap of yarn. There will be pictures too, once I get them developed.

And now that it's November, the countdown starts to Goblet of Fire! The current plan is to go on the 20th with my mom sister and sister-in-law and hopefully miss some of the opening day crowds. Will be pre-ordering tickets as soon as the come available, just to be sure.

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