Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who turned up the heat?

Ay-curumba! It's toasty outside. The Weather Bug says our local temp made it up to 99 today, with heat indexes of 110. Whatever, it's hot. This is the little clock/thermometer thing in our spare room...
Yeah, it says 97.3. It sucks. We've still got the a/c running downstairs and its a much more livable 83. Our friendly local weatherman predicts the heat should break on Friday, boy do I hope he's right. Us northern girls can't take the heat!

So to avoid said hot temps, I've been staying at the office over lunch. Watching my absolute new obsession, QNN, and knitting on the Fixation Footies. Does anyone see something amiss here?
How about now?I'd say I'm having a bit of a gauge incident. My gauge has tightened up considerably on sock #2. Could be sock one is a little stretched from trying it on. It is cotton after all and sometimes needs a dunk in water to bring it back in line. But still. It's looking a good bit bigger than it's infant partner. Good news is, Fixation has a good dose of elastic in it and sock #2, although it appears to be smaller, fits and looks fine on my foot. I am eternally grateful for this since I have no desire to rip it and reknit it when I'm this far along. That and I've got the Elann version of this yarn (called Esprit) on order. Enough to make 3 or 4 pairs I think. At this moment, my knitting life is firmly centered on little knitting...socks and washcloths. I've got some big knitting socked away for fall and winter, but this should keep my occupied through the next few too hot for knitting in your lap months.

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