Monday, July 31, 2006


I may have suffered a bit of quilt fever after Quilt Odyssey on Friday. A rather large stack of vintage fabrics leaped into my arms as I was innocently strolling through Martin's.
Mrs. Martin, bless her heart, just smiled and said ok when I asked for 1/2 yard of each of the 18 or so fabrics.

The heat is oppressive in my sewing room (the thermometer showed 94 when I got home today!) But we are keeping the a/c on downstairs to make life bearable. So on Sunday I set up my cutting mat on the dining room table and before long had this box full of patches.
It's kind of hard to see, but up there near the top is the tumbler template dad cut for me from some Plexiglas he had laying around. I looked online for a template, but didn't really want to spend $6 plus shipping for a little piece of plastic and I was too impatient to wait the week or 2 it would take to arrive. I asked dad if he had anything to improve on the cardboard template I was using. Sure enough he did. I love having a handyman in the family.

I then set my sewing machine up in the kitchen and spent the rest of Sunday afternoon watching QNN on the computer and sewing. Pretty cool.
I haven't figured out how big I'm making this yet, just kind of sewing patches together until it looks right. So far, my strips are 15 patches across which only finishes to about 37 inches. Think I'll go 19 to make it a little more afghan sized.

Meanwhile, the bathroom is not much improved. The whole wall is out now. The plumber is coming tomorrow to replace the pipes.
The next picture will hopefully be of a new wall!

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