Monday, August 14, 2006

Esprit Allsorts

The weather was GORGEOUS these last few days. Upper 70's, low 80's, no humidity. Such a change from just a week ago. Unfortunately, I spent the weekend laid out with a killer headache and got almost nothing done. My head feels better now though, so I guess that's all that matters.

I did manage to finish the Licorice Allsorts socks.
I'm still coveting them. But I'm going to be good and send them off to the lucky recipient. They're too short for me anyway. Hope she likes them. Hope they fit! I've never made socks for anyone else before and this being a surprise, I couldn't ask for measurements. Had to ask mom to measure her foot since I think she wears the same size. Now I feel guilty and need to make mom a pair too! But these are a pleasure to knit and I've got lots of yarn left to play with so knitting more won't be an issue.

The cool weather suckered me in last night and I pulled out the long lost Cottage Creations Tunic to knit on. The wool felt foreign after, what, 3 months or so of knitting only cotton! I've still got plenty of cotton knitting to finish...the kitchen rugs (still on rug #1 and no discernible progress to report), more dishrags (currently working on the pattern from the new Creative Knitting magazine), and a machine knit sweater (although that may fall through. The jury is still out on that one. I HATED the first attempt at machine knitting Peaches n Creme. More trial and error is necessary before a verdict is made).

No more garden pictures or lovely vegetable harvest pictures like last year. The dry, hot weather left us with a very poor harvest. The onions were the only thing to do really well. The zucchini and cucumbers did alright for a short while. The peppers are all small. The tomatoes are taking forever to ripen, what few tomatoes we have. Mom and dad and my mother in law had decent luck with their gardens, so we've still been able to enjoy some nice veggies this summer. For now, we are planning next year's garden and researching ways to ensure better results.

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Patti said...

Hmmm, sounds like our garden which looks like a wasteland. Too much sun, too little rain.
I like the footies. They do look like licorice.