Sunday, August 27, 2006

Close but no cigar

I didn't quite meet my goal to finish my Main Line sweater this weekend. But I did pretty damn good. The machine knitting took about 7 hours total. You knit the shoulder seams together by machine and the sleeves are knit right onto the body, so right there you eliminate 4 seams that would normally be done by hand. But there's still a good bit of hand work to be done. I've knit the ribbing for the cuffs and am working on the bottom ribbing now.The pattern suggests using garter stitch for all the edges, but I thought ribbing would look better. I'm also knitting the bottom rib continuously so I won't have to seam it later. I still need to do the collar and seam up the sides and arms. The hand work will probably take me as long to do as knitting the whole sweater. But still, 14 hours for a whole sweater, for me, is awesome. Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yarn. It is super soft from the high cotton content, but the wool makes it not so stiff and string-like like most cotton. The weight is fabulous, not too heavy. I used the recommended 4.5 st/inch and it's perfect. I washed my swatches before I started and it looks like this yarn washes up beautifully too. I'll definetly be buying more of this yarn.

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