Thursday, August 24, 2006

Magic cabinet

I am so happy. Anyone guess what this is?

I suppose all the thread on the wall gives it away.
My totally sweet new sewing cabinet. Stayed up until midnight last Friday putting it together. I've been wanting one forever. Ever since I bought my own machine some 15 years ago and traded in the hand-me-down Kenmore in it's cabinet, I've had to sew with my machine on a table. This one is fully adjustable. You can completely lower the machine into the cabinet for storage, raise it full up for free arm sewing, and my favorite, flush with the table for unrestricted, straight on sewing (also awesome for free motion quilting!)
Like I said...sweet!

Unfortunately, I haven't yet had a chance to sew at it. With painting last weekend, I was too tired to sew. Then getting caught up on the laundry I couldn't do while the walls were drying behind the washer. And now this...

I'm machine knitting the Basic Beauty Pullover from Kangamoo Knits in KnitPicks Main Line (Red Velvet Cake) on my Bond ISM. The first pic was taken at 6:42 after I finished the first ball of yarn. Here's what I had at 7:30 and 5 balls of yarn...

Can you believe it? An ENTIRE back of a sweater, knit in a little over one hour! I've still got a lot of learning to do with the knitting machine (had to stop about 5 times to fix dropped stitches) but I'm getting there. And you just can't beat the speed. With any luck, I'll have the whole sweater done by Sunday night.

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