Monday, August 21, 2006

The fumes are clearing

Whew, what a weekend! We finally got around to starting our much needed painting this weekend. I had agonized over color selection for ages back in, like, June. Finally got the paint (Pittsburgh Paint Stone Harbor if anyone cares) and then it was too damn hot to paint. Bizarre as it may seem, now that it's August, we are having gorgeous weather. So before the mood completely passed, we figured we better get to it. Just tackled the laundry room this weekend. It probably took about 20 hrs total. Looks so much better with a fresh, clean coat of paint. The color isn't quite what I had hoped for, but it's growing on me. I had planned to have pictures to post for you, but I was too tired to fuss with pictures. Next weekend. Promise.

Now my every waking (and spare) minute is being consumed by this game and listening to this awesome new radio that customizes your playlist based on the artists you tell it you like. I caught a video from Panic! at The Disco on Friday morning (one of the RARE occasions that MTV was actually showing MUSIC) and have been jonesing on it all weekend. Have also discovered the dangerous (to my wallet) but sweet joys of MusicMatch. Serious music stash enhancement going on here. Anyway, enough chatter. Back to my card game!

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