Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer 2013 perfumes

Fall starts tomorrow and cooler weather is already starting to grace us. As always, I'm anxious to pull out my cool weather fragrances. But before I pack away my warm weather scents, I thought I'd revisit what I reached for most this summer.

My perfume buying has slowed down dramatically this year as I have come across some scents that are real keepers. Ones that I can wear day after day without getting bored. While my collection is still pretty large (my summer scent shelf around 36 bottles/decants) I found myself repeatedly reaching for these six...

Dolcelisir by L'erbolario. This was a new purchase and is insanely wonderful. It smells a bit like apple cobbler but the most amazing, totally out of this world apple cobbler you could ever imagine. This one will be a year-rounder.

Burberry Brit Summer. I picked up both Brit Summer and a rollerball of Brit Sheer hoping to find a more hot weather friendly version of the original. Summer fit the bill. You get the lime/almond of the original, for sure, but this is lighter and fresher. I wore this one a ton, especially to work. It is totally non-offensive.

Avon/Mark Marrakesh. A lot of Avon's scents are average, run of the mill, dime a dozen variety scents, so I've kind of gotten away from purchasing them (and NEVER at full price. Ebay is your friend here!) Marrakesh I bought solely for the bottle. What a stunner! I held little hope for the juice. Even a whiff from the bottle didn't convince me. Straight up jasmine and coconut, neither of which are up my alley. But after wearing it a time or two, I found I really loved it. It is unique from anything else I own, so it's a nice change of pace. Only works for me on a really hot day, though. Dark horse winner of the summer.

The last three were all in my collection and (I think) might have made last summer's list. I made a point not to re-read last year's post because I wanted to keep this one fresh.

Lucy B Royal Egyptian Amber & Honeysuckle. Sweet, sweet, sweet. It makes your teeth hurt just smelling it. But it is yummy on the skin. A light amber that does very well in hot weather. Love this one for night time.

Tommy Girl. Still my favorite rose perfume. Super girly, insane longevity. Keeper, year-rounder.

Burberry Weekend. Going on year 3 for this bottle and still adore it. Another one I prefer for really hot days. Spring/summer only, I think, because it smells so much of hyacinths.

Honorable mention (not shown)...a new perfume house I discovered this summer, Imaginary Authors. I tried 4 of the 7 scents: Cobra & Canary, The Soft Lawn, Falling into the Sea and Memoirs of a Trespasser. All were excellent. C&C as too masculine for me, but the rest were all contenders. I wore Soft Lawn quite a bit but I ended up buying a bottle of Memoirs. Look forward to this in heavy rotation for fall!

Now I'm off to pack up the summer scents and dig out the falls. Let the party begin!

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