Sunday, September 22, 2013

September Ipsy bag

Time for my September Ipsy bag. This months goodies came in a really pretty blue case. The last few cases have been the same style, just different fabrics. They are really nice quality and a good size. I like this nylon style bag better than some of the previous bags they used.

Inside was another terrific batch of beauty products.

First up is a Cailyn lip balm in Big Apple, a bright red. I received a Cailyn gel eyeliner in a previous Ipsy bag. While the eyeliner is quite nice, I hate the packaging. I see the point, the long cap is actually a brush to apply the product. So your brush is always at hand. But it takes up too much room and I never reach for it. I know right off the bat I won't use this lip gloss either. I hate applying lip products with a brush. As often as I reapply my lip products and as clunky as this packing is, I won't carry it with me. And I don't wear red. Three strikes, it's out. (full size)

Next is a trio of Freeman sheet masks. These I'm definitely going to try. I love being able to do a face mask without the mess clay masks have. My set included a hydrating (perfect timing with cool weather on the way), purifying (I don't have trouble with oil/acne so may put this right in the donate bag), and brightening (after a summer of limited sun exposure, I can use a brightening treatment for the evil age spots!) Freeman is generally not a brand I purchase because their products are pretty chemical heavy, but these don't look too terrible ingredient wise. I'll certainly give the samples a try. (full size)

A Starlooks eyeliner in Obsidian. I certainly don't need yet another black eyeliner pencil but I'm interested to try Starlooks (have heard they are a decent dupe of MAC). On the fence as to whether or not I'll open this or donate it. (full size)

Elizabeth Mott It's So Big mascara. Never heard of this brand. The info says this is a smudgeproof volumizing mascara. I can always use mascara so I'll give it a try. (deluxe sample size)

Last up NYX eye shadow in Pure Gold. I like NYX in general and this is a really pretty color for fall. (full size)

Another pretty good month for Ipsy. 4 of the 5 products were full size so definitely a good value. That being said, this is my last Ipsy box. At least for now. My interest in natural cosmetics has been rekindled and I've decided to switch to the All Natural Face subscription box for a bit (they are in the middle of upgrading their website and I don't see the link at the moment. Hopefully it's not discontinued!) I do still highly recommend Ipsy if you are looking to try beauty/skincare samples. Their service is the best I've run across so far.

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