Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gillette Venus Embrace and Venus Olay razors

When I received my first Influenster Vox Box I was excited to receive a new Venus razor and two types of blades, the Embrace and the Venus Olay. I've been using Venus refillable razors for years and years. Although the may be a bit pricier than other brands, I find them to be excellent for shaving. The blades last a very long time. I prefer to use handmade bar soap rather than shaving cream and with these blades I rarely, if ever, cut myself. I generally buy the original or Divine refill.

I decided to try the Olay refill first. It comes in the usual plastic cup Venus packaging making it very easy to attach to the handle with no risk of cutting yourself. The refill head looks rather strange, with large rubbery looking strips at the top and bottom of the head. The head is huge. I found that I could not store my razor in it's shower caddy (I have an older version of the Venus caddy that allows you to store refill blades in a tiny case and the razor hangs on the outside.) I believe if you buy the Venus Olay razor (with the handle and blade) it comes with a holder that is large enough to accommodate the head. The bars are skin conditioners and there are five blades. I'm not sure, but I believe the moisture bars are supposed to help eliminate the need for shave cream. I shaved one leg with Kiss My Face shave cream and the other just wet. The razor performed equally as well on both legs. I was very pleased to find the razor did not drag on the leg that was just wet. The moisture bars provided plenty of slip for the razor to glide over my skin. I had the same super close Venus shave I'm used to. My skin did not feel irritated but I still followed up with lotion since it is winter and my skin is very dry. I will be interested to see how long the moisture bars last. I would highly suggest storing the razor where it will stay dry to prolong the bars. I would definitely consider switching to this version of the Venus razor in the future. Venus Olay refills retail for $15.50 for 3.

The Embrace refill also has 5 blades which gives a super close shave. I did the same experiment with this razor, one leg with shave cream one without, even though this razor does not have the moisture bars. There was a good bit of drag without shave cream so I would not recommend shaving without cream or soap. My legs were very smooth and not irritated. Embrace refills retail for $16.99 for 4.

I loved both razors and found they gave a closer, longer lasting shave than the original Venus shaver I usually use (that one only has 3 blades). If you've got dry skin or want to skip having to use shave cream, go for the Olay version. I would highly recommend either razor, though.

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