Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Cosmo Vox Box 2012

Have you heard of Influenster? Influenster is a social site that allows users to share product reviews. I had joined Influenster maybe a year ago but didn't really get into the site much. At the time it seemed more geared towards younger, hipper folks than me. Well, they have updated and relaunched their site and I got a invitation to take a fresh look.

I really like the new site. You can sign up for "badges" which basically tag the things you are most interested in. The categories are varied, from beauty and food, to family and travel and much more. You answer surveys and post reviews and read other's reviews. I find a lot more that I am actually interested in now with the revamp.

The cool thing is that they sometimes give out "Vox Boxes" with freebies for users to review. I'm not entirely sure what criteria determines who gets a box and what box you get. To my surprise, I just received the "Cosmo Vox Box"

My box included a full size Venus Embrace razor and one additional refill cartridge, a sample of B&BW's new scent Forever Red, a ginormous Ghiradelli candy bar and 2 "erasable ink" pens. In exchange for the goodies, I will post reviews after I've tried the products. I already know I love Venus razors so I'm happy to have received a new one. It will be fun to try out everything else and I'll be sure to share here whether the things are good or bad.

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