Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review of Glade Expressions

My most recent BzzAgent campaign was for the Glade Expressions line. For this campaign I was supplied with coupons to get the products for free rather than receiving actual samples. This proved a bit of a problem because I couldn't find the products at the store where I normally shop. Eventually I did find the fragrance mist at another store and picked up the Cotton & Italian Mandarin scent (the store only had 2 scents to choose from!)

The product is a little different than other room sprays I've tried. There is an outer sleeve that covers the canister of spray. You twist off the bottom of the sleeve to change the spray cans out. To dispense the spray, you squeeze the bottle rather than push a button on top.

The sleeve helps to camouflage the room spray and has a nice sleek appearance. I don't tend to leave room spray sitting around so this has never really been an issue for me. The sleeve and bottom cap are all plastic. I think this might be helpful if you are storing your spray in a bathroom, near a kitchen sink, or other damp area where a normal metal bottle could possible leave a rust ring.

It is pretty easy to change out the spray can. Just untwist the bottom, tap the sleeve on the table to release the can and pop in a new one.

The scent is very nice. I get mostly the cotton/linen/fresh laundry type scent, almost no citrus as the name would imply. It's not overly strong (ie: headache inducing). The mist did a fair job of removing cooking odors. It does a wonderful job of just generally freshening up the air when the house is closed up. The scent dissipates within an hour or so. (If I want long lasting scent I go for candles or tart warmers).

The only disappointment I had with the actual product was the squeeze to spray function. I feel you have to squeeze rather firmly and that is a bit uncomfortable for me. Someone with arthritis or a weak grip would not like this packaging.

I wish the stores where I shop would have had the scent diffusers as I would have liked to try that for the basement for a longer lasting freshening. I would also like to find some of the other scents. Doesn't Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice sound wonderful for fall? If you like using fragrance products in your home, I think this would be a line worth checking out.

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