Sunday, October 21, 2012

Follow up...

Following up on the L'de Lolita Lempicka post. I stuck with just the one scent for four days. May not sound like much to those who wear just one or two scents, but for a perfume addict like me, that's a darn good stretch. The urge for something different was just too great.

I broke the string with Fuel for Life Denim, a sweet fruity amber, very unlike L. Denim is sort of crispy and fresh where L is warm and comforting. I found myself missing L about midday on Thursday. In just those 4 days I had become quite attached to the scent.

I'm going to try more single scent runs to try to narrow down my collection. I do love having many scents to choose from. Some are better for warm days (Burberry Weekend), some for cold rainy days (Breath of God), some are great for helping me sleep (Habinita), some for feeling energized (Fuel for Life Denim). So, no, I'll never be a one scent gal. But I do want to know and understand my collection so I will always have the right scent for the right time.

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