Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Scents of Summer

Summer is my least favorite season. I hate being hot and sticky. I hate the clothes (give me a cozy sweater and jeans any day!) I hate being blinded by the sun every time I step out the door. I'm also not a huge fan of warm weather perfume. It seems I'm on a constant hunt to find a good summer scent. Cool weather is easy. My heavy vanilla/musky/chocolate scents scream cold weather. But once it gets hot, they feel cloying and can literally choke me. This year, I think I found some pretty good warm weather scents. Here are the 10 I reached for most often this summer, in no particular order.

Burberry Weekend - Quite possibly my favorite summer scent. Sweet hyacinth flower mixed with peach. Perfectly blended, super long lasting.

Clean Warm Cotton - Ok, I'm not a super huge fan of "fresh laundry" scents, which is exactly what this is. But, on a super hot day, there is something comforting in it. I reach for this one when we go walking. It's a great pick me up.

Laugh Often by Reese Witherspoon- Lemon ice tea in a bottle. Love this one for work.

Lilly Pulitzer Squeeze - Got this one super cheap at Perfumania over the summer. It's a sweet citrus. Very well balanced and refreshing. Plus it is light so you can spray a good dose of it and not offend anyone.

Body Shop White Musk Libertine - A musk that works great in warm weather. This is a white musk so it's bright and light. There is some rose in this one making it feel nicely feminine.

Jennifer Aniston - I only bought a rollerball of this last year because I thought it would be too beachy. I was wrong. It is lovely. A little reminiscent of Burberry Weekend, but lighter. White floral scent. Very girly.

Avon FreeO2 -  This one was a sleeper in the Avon book this year. I think I only saw it twice, once at full price and then on clearance a few weeks later. The bottle is dead ugly (Avon could really step up their game with their bottles). The scent is honeysuckle and tea. It is light but short lived.

Tommy Girl - Perfumes: The A-Z Guide gives this one 5 stars and I totally agree. This one gives Weekend a run for it's money for my favorite summer scent. This is a beautiful rosey perfume. However, I think Tommy Girl will work year round.  

DKNY Golden Delicious - This is the one I reach for when I want a more serious, sophisticated scent. Works very well for work. Fruity and woody. The only drawback is the horrible sprayer. The bottle design is just awful. It's pretty and does look vaguely like an apple, but you can't aim the darn thing. I end up spraying perfume everywhere but on me!

Tea Rose (The Perfumers Workshop) - I had to include this one. It is one of the cheapest perfumes I own. I think you can get a big bottle for under $15. But it is the absolute best true rose perfume I have ever smelled. It is exactly like smelling a good, fresh garden rose bush. It is linear and one dimensional and perfect. I love it as a perfume, as a pillow spray, as a room spray.

Now that cooler temps are starting to creep in, I wanted to get this list up so I don't forget for next year! Most of these won't seem much love the next few months since I'm itching to get back to cozy scents.

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