Sunday, July 23, 2006

Drip, drip, drip

Our shower sprung a leak recently. Don't know exactly when, since the leak is inside the wall, but it made its presence known on Monday. I looked up after finishing the dinner dishes and noticed a rather large bubble in the ceiling. It didn't take long to figure out it was coming from the bathroom overhead. Stuart stood guard over the bucket the whole time it dripped.Here's what our bathroom wall looks like now.
Thankfully my dad is a very skilled handyman and should be able to fix the leak and the gaping hole required to get to the leak. The biggest downside to the whole thing is the mildew smell from the inside of the wall being wet. The extremely hot muggy weather this week has only compounded the problem. However, we are very lucky to have access to the inside of that wall through a closet. Just enough room to stick a little fan in there and dry it out. I've been reaching my arm in as far as I can to spray Lysol too. These things combined seem to be taking care of the problem.

Knitting continues on more dishrags...
the kitchen rug (very little progress here)...
and the Fixation footieI ended up ripping the whole thing out last Sunday after discovering it was just too big. My first attempt was knit exactly for my foot size, this time I'm trying about an inch negative ease. Appears to fit much better this way. Yesterday I decide to try switching to Magic Loop instead of the dpns. It seemed no matter how tightly I pulled the first stitch at the start of each needle, I was still getting ladders. The last sock I made (or should say am making since it's only half done) was on two circs. I like this method, but found the extra needle flopping around to be annoying. Magic Loop seems the perfect solution. No ladders, the work seems faster than dpns because you don't have to switch needles so often, no dropped needles, no floppy needle tips. I'm using a 40" Inox US 3. The cable seems just a bit long and I'm going to try one of the new KnitPick circs in 32" length. They are having a big 40% off sale on selected yarns so I ordered enough Main Line to make a sweater and the needle. According to the site, needles are delaying shipping by about 2 weeks, but everyone is raving about them so I figured it would be worth the wait.

This Friday mom and I are off to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey. It's always a great show and a fun day. If you're a quilter and in the area, be sure to check it out.

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