Saturday, July 15, 2006

The cotton love continues

It's been a busy two weeks. When I last posted I had just procured a lovely batch of Sugar n Cream. Viola, more lovely dishrags
The one on the left was made with some blue that I dyed myself. Gorgeous rich denim color. I made a matching potholder for the brown and pink one (doesn't it remind you of licorice all-sorts?)A funky orange and purple (again, the purple was hand dyed by me) and the orange sherbet one which is going to my MIL.
The washrag knitting has slowed down. This last one has barely grown since last weekend when I cast it on. I have been spending a good bit of time reworking the kitchen rug. I'm much happier with it's new incarnation.I really didn't like the way the ecru was washing out the overall color. So, back to the dye pot (the lovely thing about ecru is you can make it nearly ANY color you want.) I was aiming for a rusty brown color and got just about exactly what I wanted. Dying has never been an exact science for me. I like to experiment and see how it comes out. I did two huge hanks of yarn in a bucket with some Dharma Procion dyes in Maroon Brown and a dash of Bright Yellow. The result is a mottled brown with a vintage feel to it. Looks great with the teal and denim blues.

The old sock itch came back this week. But with the heat and humidity being what it they are, I couldn't even bear to think of picking up wool. I remembered hearing mention of a cotton/elastic yarn called Fixation and thought I'd give it a try to make some footies. I placed an order w
ith Angelica (do shop with her if you have the opportunity. She's delightful, has great prices and terrific service). Here's footie number one in a colorway called English Garden. I'm just using my general sock pattern without only 5 rows of ribbing and 3 rows of stockinette before starting the heel, but can find ankle sock patterns here and here. This yarn takes some getting used to. It's very stretchy. I'm generally a pretty tight knitter so I've really had to learn to loosen up. But it seems to be worth it. The fabric has a very nice cushiony feel to it. These socks should be very comfortable. Plus, the yarn is a little heavier than standard sock yarn and is knitting up very well on US 3 needles. And, one ball is supposed to make a pair of ankle socks. Sweet.

Lastly, remember those itty bitty cucumber plants from Memorial Day? How just a few weeks ago I should you how rapidly they had grown? Look at them now...
Yum! Refrigerator Pickles!

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