Sunday, March 17, 2013


I don't recall where I first saw Steamcream. I think it was when I was browsing on Beautyhabit sometime last fall. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and I'll admit that's what first drew me to the brand. Steamcream comes packaged in tins that are decorated in gorgeous designs, often limited editions.

I sprung for Meadow first (that's the one with a sheep) when Steamcream was offering free shipping and the actual price came out a wee bit cheaper than Beautyhabit. The package arrived quickly even though it shipped from the UK. The tin was indeed adorable, but the proof is in the pot.

Steamcream is a light but incredibly moisturizing cream. It has an herbal scent that is very pleasant and lingers for a bit on the skin. The cream can be used anywhere..face, hands, body. I love it as a face cream. My skin feels super soft and moisturized. During these cold winter months I've been applying it before we go walking to protect my skin from the wind.  It absorbs quickly making it a perfect hand cream. A small amount goes a long way but I still don't think I'd use it as a body lotion (unless I hit the lottery).

Steamcream is a mostly natural product (there are 2 parabens, but they are the very last thing on the ingredient list and the amount is minimal). The first ingredient is oatmeal infusion which makes the product very soothing. You can read all about it on Steamcream's website.

Since purchasing my first tin, I did go back and order more. Last month they still had free shipping and were offering a free tin if you ordered 2. I picked up Verona (heart) and Prudence (cat) and gave the freebie to my sister. If you think you'd like to try Steamcream, I suggest you sign up for their newsletter as they often run specials.

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