Sunday, March 03, 2013

Scents of Winter 2012/13

With only a few weeks left in winter I thought it was time to list my most worn scents from the last few months. Fall and winter are my favorite times for perfumes. I can pull out all my heavy, cozy scents that just don't work in hot weather. Here are the ten I've reached for the most, in no particular order...

Burberry Brit - Almond and lime are at once refreshing and comforting. This one is light enough to be multi seasonal, but I prefer it on cooler days.

DKNY Golden Delicious - This one is a year round favorite. The fruity floral is perfect when I want something lighter than my usual winter fare.

Molinard Habanita - This is an old fashioned, somewhat grandma-ish perfume. Heavy powder with a slight tobacco background. The old-lady vibe makes it a bit hard to wear. I love it for around the house or bed time. I have the original formulation although I do know it was recently re released with an updated formula.

Violette Market Fezziwig & Company - Sadly this limited edition indy perfume is no longer available for sale, so I use it sparingly. It is a delicious chocolate/orange concoction. The dry down does evoke images of sitting in old Fezziwig's Merchantile with its hardwood floors and melange of imported coffee, fruit and chocolate. I am desperately trying to find a mainstream perfume to dupe this.

By Kilian Back to Black - Honey tobacco that lasts and lasts and lasts. Super strong, a little goes a very long way. Good thing since it costs a kidney to buy!

Serge Lutens Chergui - A recent acquisition that became a fast favorite. Sweet hay and amber. Delightful sprayed on a scarf so the scent wafts up as you move. Love. (No I did not use 2/3 a bottle already. The bottle arrived with the cap loose and most of it leaked out in shipping!)

Opus Oils M'eau Joe #3 - Holy Grail. Want to wear nothing else, but since it smells like whiskey and cigarettes that's not really practical. See last week's review for a full review.

Prada Prada -  This is the original Prada. I got this refill bottle for an absolute steal! I just fill a $10 atomizer I picked up on eBay and I'm good to go. Prada is a blend of amber and patchouli. Rich, sophisticated and long lasting.

For Strange Women Decadence and Debauchery - Another indy favorite. This one is still readily available. Rich and earthy. I get compliments whenever I wear this one.

Coty Wild Musk - A blast from my past that I recently repurchased. I wore this nearly exclusively in late high school and then went off it for years. Revisiting it I find I still love the soft powdery sweet musk.

I'm working on paring down the perfume collection again as it ballooned immensely over the last year since I got back into mainstream perfume. This list is a good solid list of keepers for me.

And now for something completely different...My sweet hubby sent me flowers yesterday. Aren't they gorgeous?!
Stuart (the grey cat) chewed up the leaves so I'm having to keep them up high where he can't get to them. But I just had to bring them down and snap a picture and share this harbinger of spring.

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