Sunday, April 21, 2013

Colgate Optic White system review

After a month or so of use I'm happy to report that the Colgate Optic White products I received in my Sugar n Spice Influenster box do seem to have whitened my teeth.

I received the Colgate Optic White toothpaste and mouthwash along with a Colgate 360 toothbrush.

I've been a diehard Sonicare user for years and years and nothing is ever going to get me to give it up. That said, I did give the Colgate 360 manual toothbrush a try since it was part of the box. It is like no other toothbrush I've ever tried. For starters it feels huge in my mouth (especially compared to the compact head of my Sonicare). The 360 in the name (I believe) refers to the concept that this is a whole mouth brush, rather than just a toothbrush. There are ridges on the back side of the brush that clean the inside of your mouth while you brush and can also be used to clean your tongue. There are 3 different size and textured bristles as well as rubber "whitening cups" that help to polish your teeth. I feel this brush is incredible at cleaning every surface of my teeth and mouth.

The Optic White toothpaste was not new to me having tried it before, but I have used it for the last month to test the whole system. I have quite sensitive teeth and am always cautious with tooth whitening products as they can be quite irritating. I was very pleasantly surprised with the Optic White toothpaste. It is non-abrasive and gently but effectively whitens my teeth. I did not find it increased sensitivity in my teeth. The only downsides are that it tastes pretty awful, no minty-freshness feeling after brushing. And it is quite foamy. A little toothpaste goes a long way which makes it very economical.

The final product is the Optic White mouthwash. This stuff is just awful. It tastes terrible. It leaves an unpleasant coating in my mouth. I usually have to rinse with water after using it to clear the gross foamy coating it leaves behind. I don't know if it aids in the whitening process or not since I haven't used it consistently.  I would not purchase this product.

In all, big thumbs up to the toothbrush and toothpaste. With just these two products used about once a day I have seen noticeable whitening after a month. 

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