Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mental Floss & the pinecone bottle

A few years ago my sister gifted C and I with a subscription to Mental Floss and has kindly continued the tradition since.

The magazine is a delightfully quirky source of information. Topics are all over the, history, biography, trivia, even beauty! It is one of the few magazines I read more than 80% of the content and save the issues! Much to my delight, they now give you the tablet edition free with your print subscription so I can read on my Kindle Fire (seriously, why doesn't EVERY publisher do this?!)

Earlier this week I was reading the March/April 2013 issue and found a nifty little craft project on page 17. Similar to the concept of a ship in a bottle, they presented a pinecone in a bottle. Fortunately we are still in the right time of year to find closed pinecones and happen to pass under a spectacular pine on our walking route. We found a smallish closed cone and I had an old nifty looking olive oil bottle with a neck just wide enough to squeeze the cone through and voila...

I'll be sure to post a followup photo when the cone opens. I think it will be quite cute.

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