Friday, November 17, 2006

Charity knitting

Not much to blog about lately. Vacation was a wonderful week of decompressing. I did a good bit of knitting, we did some antiquing, and mostly just relaxed.

I'm trying to get caught up on reading the huge stack of magazines that has been piling up. The current issue of Vogue Knitting mentioned the Caps to the Capital project and it struck a chord with me for some reason. So last weekend I decided to knit some hats. The first one was made with leftover Opal 6ply and made a darling, soft, warm hat. While at Joann Fabrics, I picked up a skein of Red Heart in a color called Monet (a blend of purple, teal & yellow). The hat turned out really cute, but I really hate this acrylic yarn. It has a terrible hand to it, almost feels like plastic. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I've been spoiled by using good yarns! The third hat was crocheted with Wool Ease in a tan & green color. It had more of a trendy, hip look than the others which looked like traditional baby hats. Unfortunately, I was so excited to have made these little cuties and get them on their way to some needy little kiddies, I forgot to get pictures! I realized it about half an hour after I mailed them. I hate not having pictures of my projects, especially those that are given away.

In other knitting news, I'm nearly finished with the CC Tunic. Hooray! I'm on the homestretch of the second sleeve. With any luck, perhaps a good movie and some uninterrupted knitting time, I might even finish it this weekend. I've been alternating between the tunic and the two sock projects, but no real progress to show on any of them. Till next time, I hope to have pictures of finished projects to share with you.

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