Monday, November 20, 2006

CC Tunic finished!!

YEAH! And it's about time. I looked at my notes and I started this sweater Jan 21! I finished it on Nov 18. Obviously, it was an on again - off again project. But well worth it.

Here are the stats: used 14 balls of Elann Peruvian Sierra Aran in Jasper and 1 ball in Oak. I used a size US 8 needle and got 4.5 st/inch. The sweater is thick and warm. I wore it today and experienced only the very slightest itch (I did where a thin shirt underneath). Despite the fuzziness of the yarn there was almost no pilling or shedding. So far, I truly love this yarn. The color is fabulous and it looks like it will wear like steel. I liked the pattern. It was very easy to follow and the sweater fits well. But I don't think I will knit it again. It's a lot of knitting. Knitting it in one piece is great in that there is no seaming up to do at the end. But toting around the whole sweater as it grows larger and larger made me not want to work on it except on cold days.

I knit a few Christmas gifts this weekend. Just little somethings. One is so awesome (hope the recipient thinks so too), I can't wait to post the picture, but it will have to wait. Now I'm trying to finish mom's socks and my socks. Then I'm planning to work my way down the pile of UFOs. It's not too big a pile. I've got the kitchen rug, the wool-ease cardi and the awesome KnitPicks afghan. The afghan will probably take the lead since it will be nice to have it's warmth on my lap this winter.

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