Friday, October 27, 2006

Booze and socks and gloves, and one very bad cat

This is one of the neatest things I've run across lately. Creative Juice recently ran a program on Gifts for under $5 and showed how to make your own Coffee Liqueur. Here's my rendition...Very tasty and certainly cute enough for gifts. Although the batch cost more than $5 to make, it does make 4 jars so the end price would be less than $5 per gift.

My sister's Fetching gloves are way cooler than mine.Her choice of colors is perfect. For some reason, the first cable at the cuff came out loose on both of these. But at least they match and it just looks a little like a ruffle.

Mom's On Line socks are well under way. The bright colors are fun to work with.It's inspiring to knit with these self striping yarns. They make you want to keep knitting so you can see what patch of color will come up next. I used the Dutch heel from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks book. I wanted to do a Band Heel, but couldn't work out the math. This is the predecessor to the band heel, so I hope by learning it I'll eventually figure out the band heel. It looks awfully pointy to me. Mom's foot is much narrower than mine so I'm thinking this will be a good heel for her.

Here I am at the heel on the second kool aid sock.Had to hunt down the instructions on the internet for the no purl heel since I long since lost them (the heel on the first sock was done long around April I think!)
Here's my sock the very next day, after turning the heel.Stuart, aka grey cat, aka Jaws, aka menace to society has chewed right through the cable of my beloved KnitPicks Options. Believe me, I was not a happy camper when I lifted the sock and it's mangled needle from my knitting basket. I used to keep my knitting in a bag so the cats wouldn't bother it. But they'd been so good I switched to a lovely basket to keep my knitting in. Lesson learned. Keep the cables covered. Now I'm waiting for a new needle to come. At least I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy. And my vacation has officially started and I plan on doing little more than knitting and watching movies for the next week (some shopping, eating and sleeping tossed in of course).

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