Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mighty fetching

I fell a bit off the wagon the last few weeks as far as yarn purchases go. I'd been pretty good since the summer of cotton, buying just what I was going to use right away. Then I finally finished the washcloth that had been my "purse knitting" and started back in on the kool aid socks. I started getting itchy for some sock yarn. So this...Ah yes, my dear love Opal 6ply in yummy pastels. From a lovely online retailer called Knot Another Hat. Now that the weather has turned cold here and I'm wearing my one and only pair of Opals (almost constantly I might add), I can not wait to get these on the needles. But I'm holding firm, I'm going to finish the kool aid socks first.

Next, I've made a lot of progress on the CC Tunic, as seen here as of tonight (yes, that's a cat butt in the corner, he wouldn't budge)...But as I neared the top of the back, I realized there's no way I have enough yarn to finish it. So I placed an order with Elann
(this one doesn't really count since I still had gift certificate money left so it was essentially free.) But just ordering the Sierra Aran I needed was going to leave me with only a few dollars left on the gc, so I HAD to find SOMETHING else to use up that last little bit. Hence this...Scholler Stahl 6ply sock yarn. Love these colors. Will be great with jeans, dontcha think?

Next, mom and I went to the Harvest Festival at Brickerville last week. At the yarn shop, Ball & Skein, I spied a display of, you guessed it, 6 ply sock yarn (this time from On Line) and made bee-line for it. Mom picked out the cool multicolor and I picked the green hues for me. I also picked up some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino to make the Fetching gloves from summer K
nitty.I couldn't help myself and cast on the gloves as soon as I got home. The result?
5 days later, gorgeousness. So soft and warm. I bought 2 balls since the pattern said it took every bit of one ball and another girl in the shop mentioned she made them and needed quite a bit of the second ball. I managed to get the pair from one ball with about 5 yds leftover. I've ordered yarn to make more.

Finally, I broke down and bought the Mix & Mingle kit from KnitPicks. I waited until I finished the body of the CC Tunic before casting on, but I just HAD to try this.
The yarns are really pretty together (this colorway is called Sea). The knitting is fast, which is good, but I still suspect this will be my winter knitting project since there is a lot of knitting involved.

So, verdict? A bit obsessed with the 6ply sock yarns at the moment? Definitely. Have enough projects to keep me busy even if we had a blizzard tomorrow and I was snowed in the rest of the winter? Probably. Going to stop before this gets out of hand? Too late!

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