Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's been a busy couple of weeks here in Peaceville.

I finished the 2nd machine knit sweater.
This one was knit using Bernat DenimStyle in Polo. I used the Fast & Fun pullover pattern from Bond America. If you remember back to spring, I used the same pattern to knit a sweater in Red Heart yarn. This yarn is MUCH nicer, so soft, almost sweatshirt like. I used a crochet caston technique for the hem and cuffs, gives a lovely braided look. The collar was hand knit. I also shortened the sleeves considerably from the orignal pattern as the first sweater's sleeves are way too long. These are perfect.

We finished up our painting this weekend. The place looks oh so clean and fresh. Check out the nifty light switch covers we found...
I had originally planned to go with wooden plates, but saw these at Lowes and couldn't resist.

Now that everything is back in place we decided to get festive. A tour of our fall decorating...

Yesterday I went to the local fall festival. It's a small affair held at the homestead of our little town's founding father, Issac Meier. They had a dozen or so crafts people their demonstrating different traditional crafts...there was a cooper (barrel maker), 3 spinners, a weaver, a hooked rug maker and several others. I was delighted to speak with 2 women who worked in the fiber arts. One dyed yarn using only plants and berries. It was completely fascinating listening to her. The other was selling yarn and wool from her and a friend's sheep. I got this interesting little thing from her stand.It's a little fair isle bag encasing a bar of soap. I'm complete enthralled by this. It's so cute. It's great to wash your hands with since it's like having a built in washcloth. I am fast discovering, though, that it's not so much practical to use. The wool holds too much water and is making the soap really squishy. I've tried to press the water out after using it, but it still holds too much moisture. But still, I'm liking the idea enough to perhaps try some for gifts. Maybe to use more as a sachet than for washing with. Or perhaps finer wool would solve the problem. This was knitted with worsted weight.

I haven't had nearly enough knitting time lately. I (finally) finished the first of the kool aid socks started way back in I think February. The second sock is moving along. I think Magic Loop is definetly the way for me to go with sock knitting. Much faster than I was on dpns. I'm still knitting on the Cottage Creations tunic. That thing appears to be never ending. I'm almost to the back neck shaping and then it's on to the collar and sleeves. I was trying to figure a way to knit the sleeves on machine, just so I could get it done, but since the body is knit in the round, it would be pretty cumbersome to inset the sleeves rather than knitting them on as the pattern calls for. So I just keep slogging away at it. I'm really jonesing for one of these KnitPicks afghan kits. But I keep telling myself no. I can't even finish the projects I have going! How could I commit to an AFGHAN! for heavens sake! But oh they are pretty!

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