Sunday, April 02, 2006


Ooo, lucky me! I was reading the current Opal Chatters newsletter ( and found my Opal socks in the sock drawer. They pick a number of socks from those posted on their website each month and feature them in the sock drawer. If you find your socks, you win a ball of Opal yarn! Woo-hoo! Can ya' tell I'm happy? My love of Opal appears to be well placed as the Opal-gods keep smiling on me. I've worn them several times and everyone who sees them seems to like them. Sadly, the weather is getting too warm to wear them much longer. But at least I'll be able to enjoy more Opal goodness when the new yarn arrives.

My hand is feeling somewhat better so I've been knitting pretty steady. I've packed the socks away for now, though. Even the size 3s are too small and make my hand ache. I'm alternating between the two sweaters, since I'm knitting one English and the other Continental I can give my hand a break when I need too. I'm better than half way done the back on the 3 Seasons Cardigan, but still in the black hole on the CC tunic. I think I've got another 4 inches or so before I can start the garter stitch yoke.

Spring has sprung and it was great to be able to open up the windows today. Quinn and Stuart sure enjoyed it!

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