Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kool tool

Have you seen these?
They're called KnitKlips and they are totally awesome! I'm a complete gadget girl. If there's a tool out there to make life easier, I want it. These were reviewed on Knitter's Review a few weeks ago and sounded like a really neat concept. You line up the pieces to be joined and insert the peg on the clip through an individual stitch on each piece. Makes it super easy to make sure your seams line up exactly.

I've never been real good at the whole sewing up thing (as I've mentioned before, I've even resorted to using the sewing machine to seam my sweaters!) But I'm striving to become a better knitter, and that includes learning proper sewing up. I got out the knitter's bible, found the section on seaming and had at it.

This is what I'm working on. It's the Fast & Fun sweater knit on my Bond USM using crappy acryl-yuck Red Heart yarn I had bought to make an afghan (but finally gave up on). I've knit flat stuff on my USM with pretty good results, but had never tried a sweater. The other day I just got this thought I wanted to give it a try. I figured it probably wouldn't be wonderful, so I didn't want to waste any "good" yarn trying, thus I resorted to what I had most of in stash. To my utter amazement, it has turned out fantastic! The sleeves look insanely long, but I had steam blocked everything flat for seaming. They'll be rolled when it's finished. The yarn doesn't seem too horrible either. I will definitely knit this pattern again, this time with good yarn! (Oh yeah, if you need to steam block, try this. It's da bomb!)

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