Thursday, April 20, 2006

Catching up

Tax season is FINALLY over and life is slowly returning to normal. We’ve had beautiful, warm weather the last week and I’ve been happy to get outside and “play in the dirt”. Dad rented a tiller and turned my garden. All I’ve gotten planted so far are onions. The tomatoes I started never really developed very well. I’ve set them outside, hoping the spring air will perk them up, but I have a feeling I’ll be buying tomato plants again this year. If it doesn’t rain too much this weekend, I hope to get out and get some plants in.

It looks as if my wisteria may bloom this year. It was planted in 2000 in memory of my granny Kleibrink who passed away that year. Two years ago it had one blossom. Last year, it looked like we were going to have flowers, but the weather turned windy and rainy and knocked every bloom off. Here’s a picture of some of the flowers about to open. They smell just heavenly. It is supposed to rain the next few days, but hopefully not so bad as to wash away my flowers!

Progress reports on the knitting projects:

Here’s the 3 Seasons cardi. Finished the back and one and a half pockets. I struggled with meeting gauge on this one and it does look like it may end up being big. It’s so hard to tell at this stage. The pattern is only one size and there are no schematics. There should be RULES about that sort of thing.

This is a really crappy picture of the CC Tunic. Dark green is not the easiest color to photograph. I’m well out of the black hole and knitting up the bodice. The body was worked in the round and I was able to get my Continental knitting down pat. The bodice is worked flat, but still all in knit stitch, so I’m groovin’ right along. I must admit, Continental is much faster than English. But I still like purling better right-handed.

The quilt show was a lot of fun. Despite the cold, windy, rainy weather, we had a great time. I got some fabric and a bunch of Australian quilting magazines. I was completely surprised to find a yarn vendor at the show this year. Her stuff was gorgeous! All hand spun and hand dyed. Unfortunately, it cost an arm and a leg ($40 - $60 per skein!) so I had to pass. I didn’t find much inspiration in the exhibit quilts, again, mostly art quilts which just don’t float my boat. I saw several wall hangings in the vendor mall that I’m considering making. Top of my list is the “Wool” quilt from Alphabet Soup. Didn’t buy the book at the show because the pattern looks pretty simple to emulate. For now, I’m working on this little wall hanging. It’s Bear’s Paw by Eleanor Burns from the August 2003 Quilter’s World magazine.

Oooo, looky-looky…

The Opal yarn prize arrived. My hand still isn’t up to sock knitting, but it’s pretty big inspiration to get back at it!

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