Saturday, February 25, 2006

THE socks

Oh how I love Opal. Check out these lovelies...

As you can see, they are fraternal twins. I know some people are quite fussed to make sure their self striping socks match exactly. I'm not one of them. I love the quirky, close but not quite look.

I wanted to wear them to work yesterday, but I had washed them before wearing and they didn't get dry overnight. They were, however, dry by evening so I wore them when we went out shopping. They are wonderfully warm and soft. I will definitely be getting more of this yarn!

See? Even my tattoo is happy with the socks!
(Mom will be so embarrassed I posted this picture!)

This is the Knit Picks Dye Your Own that I kool-aid dyed last weekend. The mottled color is gorgeous. I'm hoping the socks on circular needles video gets here today so I can see how it looks knitted up.


Susanstitches said...

Lovely socks, what Opal yarn is this, (I find it helpful to put the yarn name and shade/lot no in the blog so I know for future reference).

I've just finished my Kiri shawl for the knitting olympics in Socks That Rock yarn and have yet to block it.

Susan in south-west London, UK

Susan said...

Nice opal socks. I've used Knit Picks dye your own as well and used acid dyes. Lot of fun to mess around with. The tattoo makes the picture.

Anonymous said...

I love your socks. You did a great job. I feel that if the yarn came from the same ball then they match enough. Knitting is too much fun to stress yourself out over matching every stripe and dot.