Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another year older

Yeah, it was my birthday this week. Work, errands and other commitments kept me from being able to spend it in my rocker knitting, like I wanted to, but it was a nice day all the same. Birthdays are very low-key events around here. Chuck made dinner AND cleaned up so I didn't have to cook on my birthday. He also let me pick out my own presents, which is a fun gift in and of itself since I LOVE shopping. I ordered a swank new pillow and found another James Bond DVD on eBay. With any luck they'll arrive early this week.

Here's what I've been up to this week.
The baby cardi is coming along quite nicely. I made my goal of finishing the right side and the left is going quickly. If I commit some time to it, I should have it finished in a week or two. Plenty of time for the auction.

Unfortunately for the cardi, the Opal sock has been too great a temptation to resist.
I'm only a few rows from starting the toe. Toes always go fast and then it's a finished sock! I must show some restraint and finish the cardi before casting on the second sock. I've also knit some on the CC Tunic, but it still doesn't look like much so no pictures. I'm still contemplating yarn choices for Eris. I'm leaning towards red for the color. Apart from that, no decisions have been made.

In Harry Potter news, I just saw over on Mugglenet that Amazon is taking pre-orders for the Goblet of Fire DVD. Production of Order of the Phoenix is starting too. I've started listening to the audiobook of Half Blood Prince. I LOVED this book and have been wanting to reread it. But with all this knitting sitting around, it's just a little easier to let someone else read it too me to keep my hands and eyes free. I have all the HP audiobooks, some read by Jim Dale and some of the British versions read by Stephen Fry. Love listening to both of them.

On the soap front, my first batches are drying and aging on a shelf in my basement. The shapes are not very even (I've ordered a good mold which should solve this problem on future batches). The smell is heavenly. I decided to live on the edge and try using some of the thin slivers that had been shaved off the ends of the blocks. The soap slivers lathered well but didn't leave as much of a scent on my hands as I would like. Need to research this some more. My favorite soaps are from Primal Elements. They are gorgeous and leave your hands smelling great. That level of scent is what I'm striving for. But I want to make sure I do it safely. Thankfully, the resources on soapmaking are nearly endless on the Internet. Just a matter of finding time to read it all!

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