Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Cocoa Pink review

Several months ago I came across a cool etailer called Cocoa Pink. They specialize in handmade bath & body products with a massive scent catalog. They have some designer dupes but it seems their forte is custom blends. They also periodically allow customers to design their own scents, custom combining any of their available scents. They offer several types of products from perfumes to lotions and scrubs to hair care. I've ordered from them several times. Shipping takes a few weeks, particularly during promotion times, but it is well worth the wait.

This is just a portion of things I've picked up from CP.

They offer their perfumes in either oil or perfume base which I feel is somewhat unique. Most of these types of sellers only offer oil base and I've come to prefer perfume base, it just seems to work better with my skin. They offer several sizes. I love their 6 dram sample packs where you can try 6 different scents for less than $20. They also offer roll on perfumes and larger spray bottles. A cute touch to the sprays is they include crystal beads in the bottle, I suppose to aid in mixing the fragrance with the base. I find their perfumes to be richly scented and long lasting.

The other product that I have to rave about is their Shower Butter. While the label on the package says to use the product in the shower on wet skin and rinse if desired, I see the website now suggests applying to towel dried skin. This is how I've found it works best for me. The product is a blend of butters and oils. It is solid in the container (at least in our current cool temps it is) and liquifies to a creamy oil when applied. This product has been an absolute holy grail for me this winter. I feel it may be too heavy for warmer weather.'s 100% natural, no parabens or preservatives.

They have always included samples with my orders. I've received samples of both their Voluptuous and Mango body butters, Soft Bubbles scrub and Shine conditioner. So far I've only tried the Shine conditioner. While it smells wonderful, it is not hydrating enough for my hair. I'm looking forward to trying the other samples soon.

All in all I highly, highly recommend Cocoa Pink. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter. They don't seem to publish very frequently but it is how they announce promotions.

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