Sunday, June 30, 2013

GHP follow up

So what did I think of my first experience with gel nail polish? First off, I received tons of compliments on the polish. People really seemed to love the shine/glossiness. I was pretty darn impressed with it's lasting power and chip resistance. The polish lasted 7 days before chipping (my norm is about 3 days). In that time I worked in the garden, pulled weeds, washed the Jeep, cleaned house, and cooked dinner every night. Work was probably the hardest on my nails. Typing on the computer always leads to tip wear. There was no, nada, zero tip wear with this polish! This week, however, I was doing hardware upgrades and I think that was the ultimate undoing of the gel.
  Even so, I only have 3 chips after 8 days.
I didn't break a single nail this week, despite the heavy abuse of ripping apart computers.

The big downside though is that removal was a nightmare. I read the instructions and watched a bunch of instructional videos. All showed soaking a cotton ball in acetone, putting it over the nail, wrapping the nail in aluminum foil and waiting 15 minutes. They show the polish just peeling off at this point. Uhuh. Not even close. I ended up having to soak my nails in acetone and scraping the polish off with an orangewood stick. Several of my nails peeled in the process. Not happy at all. I had finally gotten most of my nails to stop peeling through several months use of OPI Nail Envy. This was a pretty big step back.

Maybe removal is easier if you wait longer than a week, I don't know. At this point I'm not even sure I want to try again. I love the idea of long lasting manicures, but not at the cost of my nail's health. If I try again it will be a gelly sandwich (gel base and top coat with standard nail polish in the middle). Perhaps this doesn't create such an impenetrable barrier.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for both reviews. I saw the product on tv and wanted to know the real deal. I agree about nail health. Have you trip nail adhesives? I've had good results, they're just stickers, but they lasted about a week. However the ones on my toes came off in the evening when I pulled my shoes off after work, probably due to sweat, unless I wore sandals. Thanks again! Angela H.